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Heartbreak Radio - On Air


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Heartbreak Radio releases their new album 'On Air' on January 23rd. It's the follow-up to their selftitled debut from 2005.
Musicians on the new album includes Jim Jidhed (Alien), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream), Pierre Wensberg (Elevener, Radioactive) and Henrik Baath (Dark Water).



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1. Love on fire

2. Angelina

3. You are love

4. Turn on love

5. I will love you

6. Live out of love

7. All over the world

8. My heart´s just missing you

9. Keep kickin´ it back again

10. You don´t love me anymore

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So finally just got a time to check out this album and surprisingly, this is a great westcoast stuff, despite the awful album cover, agree indeed on that one. 'Love On Fire' is a beautiful midtempo tune and 'Angelina' is also fantastic as well. Out of 10 tracks, probably half of them are typical slow/sappy jazzy stuff which regularly found in a westcoast album so if you really want to listen to the heavier stuffs, then this album isn't the right choice, at least half of it.


'I Will Love You' is a stunning poppish ballad and 'You Don't Love Me Anymore' is also very nice, a song that's more of the under-the-moonlight-dance type. If I'm not mistaken, Erlandsson sang the 8th track, 'My Heart's Just Missing You' which is the second best track IMHO, and his vocal delivery is just flawless here.


Production is excellent, musicianship probably 7 at best, some great singers but rhythm isn't extra-ordinary, and replay value for this kind of disc is at 6.5 or 7 because it's a moody record. I think this is a pleasant westcoast/AOR album but not for everyone I guess.



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Sounds decent to me. Patchy already, but a few nice slabs of boppy AOR in that lot.


What this guy said. I was actually surprised to hear some fine songs on this. But there are also at least half an album's worth of fillers, many I did not even listen to in full once. But, there are some very nice songs here, and a few harder rocking tracks towards the end too, to spice it up a bit. This will be a perfect album for the Ipod - cut it down into a very nice 5 or 6 track EP. :)

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