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Heard their song Heaven Nor Hell on way home tonight, didnt know anything about them, but dug that song, anybody on here a fan? are all their songs as good as that one? is that whole cd good? ive heard of them, but never knew anything about them, please educate me.

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Dude they're fuckin awesome! I've got 3 of their cd's and they are all great. Definitely a band you need to check out on youtube.


My favorite song by them:


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Well Kristian, a gigantic thank you for that, hey why beat around the bubble when you can just burst it right? I mean you couldnt even wait for me to go blow $50 on their discography at my local indie CD store, before you laid it on me that the song I had heard, was not only a great song by them, but without a doubt the best song in their discography! so now what am I going to go waste this money on? before I was so amped up, excited to go blow $50 bones on 3 discs in which I would load into my car disc player one at a time, tracking through the 1st 2 minutes of each track, watching the track count go up one by one, until I reached the end of the disc, realizing after disc 2 was done, that I was now down to a single disc and had heard absolutely nothing I found enjoyable on any track of the previous 2 discs, thinking well they probably just put all their good songs on this next disc, at which I reach the end of the last disc, and feel blood boiling in the top of my head, and as was the occurrence the night I recieved my copy of Edguys latest release, the one I almost had an anxiety attack thinking about, expecting the odds to be with me, that the previous Edguy sucked so fucking bad, that by the law of metal, odds were to come back and sling a monster at us,I dont have to elaborate much, needless to say, I was so fucking enraged, it was not really that I was shocked that it fucking blew as bad as the previous disc, but the pure anger that I had just blown money I couldve used on anything else, worst of all, I wasted time in my life that it took to discover how bad it fucking sucked, and there was NO! way of being refunded that wasted hour I sat running the gas out of my Jeep,like a clueless moron, expecting the next song to be good, then after hearing the next song, believing ok the next song is where they are going to pick this mother fucker up and run with it, finally to the final track, and I realize, I have just been the victim of a horrible event, I have been suckered, I am a moron, that had just exposed me as the real Joker! and after pumping out $100 and then $200 of your dollar bills. being so excited to get off work and race home to see if your cd's are in the mail, then sitting next to your cd player with 14 brand new discs, in which all of the American releases you decided to try and roll the dice on all have one single good song, and the rest is Rectal and Bowel Filler, you realize you have just found out that you discovered 2 new gems, and it only cost you $250 or so, you quickly and clearly start seeing the real logic in pirating each and every album you want to hear, before you ever waste one more cent on any cd you have not heard in full again. ok sorry to rant, I was seriously just getting clean clothes on then I was going to head to the cd store and buy those discs, I think I will just investigate a little harder before I head down there, I just have had bad luck on buying any american groups cd, off of hearing a single I liked and getting hosed by the rest of the album. I let you know I am definitely going to go buy the disc that features Heaven Nor Hell, as far as the other discs in their catalog, I will have to check it out, thanks you guys.oh and I guess it is an assumption that these guys are even American to begin with! they certainly sound the part so I am going to just pass them off as American band, extremely killer song though, cant say I will be mad paying for just that song, but as your about to find out, I have a great respect for Evil Rick!!

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