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Suicide Bombers - Criminal Record


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Has anyone else heard this? Sounds bloody awesome to me. Some nice tunes and the guitar solos are freakin' awesome.


Sleazeroxx liked it too:



Some videos here:



Check it out folks, I'm sure a few of you are going to like this one...

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Raw vocals, but yeah, it does sound pretty awesome. I'd like to check it out asap.


One of the best I've heard this year, shame it's so expensive to buy. Apparently it's the distributors setting the price. Seems bizarre, as people will just download illegally....


Check these songs out though folks, sounds like awesome 80's-style hair metal to me, with fantastic guitar solos:






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I like them....another release to hunt down...nice find!


Let me know if you have any luck. Really can't afford to pay full price, but could be in my top 3 for the year, so don't want to miss out...


I've messaged the band asking how much they'll charge for sending without jewel case, but I still think it will be around 19 Euros, which is very steep.

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Taken the plunge and paid £15 for this. Bought direct from the band. Most I've paid for a CD for ages! Hope it lives up to the quality of the songs I've heard so far... will post feedback here soon.

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