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Lit - The View From The Bottom


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Lit released their new album (first in 8 years) this year and it was produced by Butch Walker.
Good stuff!



01 – C’mon
02 – You Tonight
03 – Same Shit, Different Drink
04 – Miss You Gone
05 – The Broken
06 – She Don’t Know
07 – Nothing’s Free
08 – You Did It
09 – Partner In Crime
10 – Here’s to Us
11 – The Wall
12 – Right This Time







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Bought this when it came out and love it.........they've had some quality stuff released over the years, very melodic and good tunes. They used to be a band called Razzle back in the 'hair metal' days and THAT was some great stuff too!

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Yea! This is REALLY good! Always enjoyed Lits tongue in cheek approach and this certainly doesn't dissapoint.


But a June 2012 release? Not any notice or fanfare ANYWHERE on this...


I went on about it a little bit somewhere here on the forum - probably in the first spins thread? Can't remember. A few months later I still think it's pretty good and there are a handful of excellent tracks (you MUST check out the last 2), but also admittedly there's a few weaker ones. I'll dig up the score I threw at it:


1. C’mon - cool anthemic chorus on an okay song - 7.00

2. You Tonight - I don't know if it's cut against their will, or what, but I hate the cut part - 6.00

3. Same Shit, Different Drink - pretty terrible to be honest - 4.50

4. Miss You Gone - good, catchy modern rocker - 7.50

5. The Broken - solid anthem, but just not great - 6.50

6. She Don’t Know - good modern rock ballad - 7.50

7. Nothing’s Free - okay rocker - 6.50

8. You Did It - very average tune with a half okay chorus - 6.00

9. Partner in Crime - pretty typical modern rocker, but I like the chorus hook - 7.00

10. Here’s to Us - nice sentimental tune… sweet song - 7.50

11. The Wall - really great song with a killer hook - 8.50

12. Right This Time - killer modern melodic rock closer - 9.00



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