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No Sleep For Lucy - Until The End


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These guys are hopeful to release their debut album in the near future and they are managed by no other than A&R guru Magnus Söderqvist (MTM, Atenzia and now Catapult Music). Excellent modern pop/rock is on display and I like it.





Edited March 3rd 2018: Album title

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Another very good find, mate. I really like what I hear there. Please keep us updated if they get a CD out there. Great catchy modern melodic rock - love it.

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Debut album 'Until The End' in the making.


From FB (November 2015):


Hey friends!

We're still alive and working hard on the album.
We had some time to record an acoustic teaser of the song "Don't Let Go". It's gonna sound totally different on the album

It's a song that we co-wrote with the really talented and the nicest guy Stevie Aiello (bass player for 30 Seconds To Mars) and the multi-talented producer David Neisser.

We're really proud of this song and wanna share this version with you.





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The greatest release in this genre since the birth of Jesus Christ, is here!...or something like that.;)

From FB:

The time is here our friends.
MARCH 9th ... Release of our debut album "Until The End"!

Much love,




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Sounds like it could be something a bit special. Looking forward to this release date. Kind of a Safetysuit vibe. 

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