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Sister Sin: "Now and Forever" review (Hardrock Haven)

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Lookin' for a badass dose of high-velocity '80s-style metal from Sweden? Check out my review of Sister Sin: "Now and Forever" over at Hardrock Haven by clicking the link below:




Imagine Lzzy Hale fronting an '80s anthemic metal band, only with more spit-and-venom attitude. One of the better female-fronted (heavy) hard rock bands I've heard in a while.

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This band was probably the surprise of 2012 for me (not just for the new CD, but the whole discography). I feel stupid knowing guys here have been talking about this band for years now and for whatever reason I just never took notice. Shame on me.


I admit I like my female vocals to sound sensual and sexual and gob swallowingly sweet, but I'll be f*cked if I won't make an exception for this band. Absolutely love the CD and I bought their first two as quick as I could lick my balls. Love all three of their albums - totally the type of hard rock I love to hear. One killer riff after another... just love it. Here was my sexy little brief review of the latest release:


01. MMXII - intro -

02. End Of The Line - very good hard rocker with a pretty big chorus - 8.25

03. Fight Song - killer hard rocker with great verses and a great chorus - 8.50

04. In It For Life - another very nice, solid hard rocker - 7.50

05. Hearts Of Cold - killer hard rocker with a good hook - 8.75

06. The Chosen Few? - again another killer riff and a very good hard rock tune - 8.75

07. Hang 'Em High - another truly killer hard rocker - great riff, great chorus - 9.00

08. I'm Not You - solid hard rocker - 7.50

09. Running Low - more great hard rock with a great hook - 8.50

10. Shades Of Black - killer riff, killer chorus - great tune - 9.00

11. Morning After - solid ballad - nice when it kicks in - 7.75



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Looking forward to seeing Sister Sin with Doro in Febuary. Love all 3 releases.

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