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James Lomenzo (White Lion Bass Player) on 'The Amazing Race'


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Anyone else here a fan of 'The Amazing Race?' Been a big fan from the start and seen every series so far... we're just getting season 21 airing in Australia at the moment and there's one team of two long haired dudes; James and Abba, and they're described as the rock star and the lawyer. Did a little google search and found out that the James in the team is none other than James Lomenzo, of White Lion fame. (and then Pride and Glory and about 5 other subsequent bands.)


Anyway, pretty trivial info, but I know some dudes here are sometimes interested in stuff like this...


Oh, and if this has already aired in the US or anywhere else I'd be most appreciative if no spoilers are mentioned in this thread as we're only 3 episodes in so far... :)

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Yep....watchin' it here now, as well! I am only a few episodes in too......truly enjoy this show, and havin' teams that I like helps! I hope they win it all!!

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I will preface this by saying SPOILER ALERT, but unfortunately, James will be getting some horrible news on the show:





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I won't read the article above in case it tells me more about the race than I want to know, but I assume it's about the cancer news James received in the episode that aired this week. Wow... that's just harsh and extremely sad... regardless of who the person is. Hard to take, but now I hope even more the guys can win the show. They actually both seem like good, stand-up guys, unlike so many of the freaks they get on that show... like the Sri Lankan idiots.

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