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Stumbling upon a gem.... it still happens occasionally


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Was dropping my brother off to pick up his car over the weekend in another part of town and stopped by a 2ndhad store and had a flick thru the 50c cd bin. Quite surprised to find this great Aussie melodic rock band from 1993. One of those impulse buys due to the cd sleeve.


What are your thoughts on this one....




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The band is called 'Innuendo', and i know nothing and can find nothing about them, except they're from around here - Adelaide, South Australia, with this disc released in 93.


This is actually the 2nd time i have stumbled across this disc (incidentally in the same store a quite a few years ago), which means this copy is up for trade for anyone interested. :dance: I filed my other copy away and only really remembered it when i saw this 2nd copy over the weekend, and grabbed it thinking someone on here may be interested..

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I really like that. Would love to hear the whole thing.



May be able to help you out with that one at some stage Geoff. :tumbsup:


I do hope so, handsome. ;)

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This is going back a year or so, I was going thru a tub of cd's and came across Detente..."Recognize No Authority"...Price Killers version. Opened it up and no cd ? I had to open each cd and check if it was in one of the other cases, but no such luck. I guess I should have bought the case with the inserts anyway. There's a Price Killers version on EBAY going for 300.00. Ouch...


Has anyone ever bought just the case without the cd ?

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