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Jonas & The Massive Attraction

Dead Planet

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Mate, it's taken a while to get a reply to this thread, but I just heard these guys' new album, 'Live Out Loud' and it's basically the best modern rock disc of 2013 so far, simply put. Don't misquote me, it's not truly amazing, but it is very good and in a year with very few great releases, it probably just pips the likes of Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse and New Device at the post.


It's a beautiful blend of modern rock that I like. Million dollar production, ballsy enough sound and great hooks. For those of you out there who like a (much, much) better version of Nickleback, and that style of modern rock, check these guys out. Yes, the band name is awful, but the new disc is great. I look forward to hearing their debut tomorrow or Tuesday...

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Stuff like this makes me real tense. No, I had no idea in the world they'd released a new album last year.


At least twice a year, I like to consult my "best of" lists from 2-3 years ago and do a quick google search on all my most highly ranked albums from bands I have not heard from since... just to see what they're up to, or as in this case, if they've released something I missed since.


It's been a busy year, though, and I haven't got around to it. I have to agree with Nightrain that it's a weak song, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to hear the album. I really liked their last album and would definitely love to hear what they followed it up with. Thanks for the tip... I'll get it asap.

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