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Giraffe (Kevin Gilbert) CD's FINALLY Re-Issued


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I know many of us have had the two original Giraffe CD's on our short-short-short want lists forever it seems. Well now you can have the next best thing as both CD's have been remastered and reissued for a limited time.


Here's the link:




Don't know if these will hit the record-setting prices of the originals, but I bet they'll be worth triple the current value next year this time.

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This isn't a particularly constructive contribution, but...


Worst. Band name. Ever.



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Seriously if you're into Kevin Gilbert then you have to get these. I've seen the CD Power of Suggestion on eBay at silly prices.....View From Here the 2nd album.....even rarer, never seen ever. But so many original copies were un playable.

Apparently these are digipak releases with minimal notes BUT they are done by the Kevin Gilbert Foundation, from the orriginal master tapes, okay no big booklets ..do you want to hear the music or read about it???

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