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gag me with a spoon and cut my ears off with a dull knife

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just got back from taking my daughter to dance class. Now let me fill you in on the details. I have the "pleasure" of taking her to dance class every other Friday. She is in back to back classes. 30 min each. So she is dancing for an hour. I most of the time drop her off, go back out the vehicle and read the paper, listen to the radio (sports talk radio, it's still football season you know) or listen to some music (after football season) So today It is a bit cool and I didn't feel like running the vehicle wasting a ton of gas so I went in about 15 min before he class is over. Over to my right is two mom's talking about pagents. Oh my God, please. they were talking about if they were going to be in this one or that one and so on and so on. then we get to the part where the one says, I'll never go back to the one in Dryden. She (her daughter) had that one stolen from her. I'm thinking really, they steal these from 7 year old girls? going on for few minutes about how it was the best she had ever done and didn't get anything for it. the later in the convo she said she got best personality.

Learned tonght is think twice about going in too early.

On the plus side, my daughters teacher has her girl in the 2nd class with my dauther and the teacher is pretty HOT.

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Yeah I heard this kind of crap too. I used to drop Ben off at karate when he used to do it and chill out for an hour with a book while he did it. Before Karate was a cheerleeding class (HERE IN THE U.K. what the fuck!!!!!). Anyway they'd come out and be hanging around and the way they talked you'd think they were Olympic athletes or contesting on some real sport instead of flashing their knickers off to all and sundry! Some of the parents were even more hyper...they were all like they had been on super strength caffine allllllll day and were speeding and couldn't stop talking/screaming and some of the bitchy comments were unbelieveable.

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Thanks God I only have a son. :popcorn:


I'm sure having daughters is wonderful too... But there seems to be a lot of drama that is included in raising a daughter. Just think, your toughest years are yet to come.. :drink:

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