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Now if only the rest of the album was as good as this. True to form the jap bonus track is an absolute killer :-(


Enjoy it guys...........................


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Yeah, definitely better than probably anything on the CD, if not the couple of good songs are about on par.

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Guest Axldobby

Self-titled release (standard version) from UNISONIC is enjoyable, but after many listening sessions I just noticed that it's an "ok" opus. Nothing more, nothing less... :(

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    • Solid list.  I like 23 out of 30.  1. Def Leppard - Hysteria2. GNR - Appetite for Destruction3. Warrant - Cherry Pie4. Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet5. Tesla - Mechancial Resonance6. Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood7. Poison - Flesh & Blood8. Skid Row - S/T9. Firehouse - S/T10. Dokken - Back for the Attack Bon Jovi - New Jersey Warrant - Dog Eat Dog Poison - Open Up and Say Ahh Tesla - Great Radio Controversy GNR - Use Your Illusion I & II Def Leppard - AdrenalizePoison - Look What The Cat Dragged In Dokken - Under Lock & KeyTyketto - Don't Come Easy Warrant - DRFSRWildside - Under The Influence Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Judas Priest - TurboShotgun Messiah - Second ComingSlaughter - Stick It To YaDangerous Toys - Hellacious AcresFirehouse - Hold Your Fire Tesla - Psychotic Supper Trixter- S/T  
    • It's all subjective of course, but I was able to come up with a solid top 20 for myself using only 94 and 95. 1. Skid Row – Subhuman Race 2. Harem Scarem – Voice Of Reason 3. Bon Jovi – These Days 4. Jackyl – Push Comes To Shove 5. Cinderella – Still Climbing 6. Blind Guardian – Imaginations From The Other Side 7.  Pantera – Far Beyond Driven 8. Slaughter – Fear No Evil 9. Thunder – Behind Closed Doors 10.L.A. Guns – Vicious Circle 11.Anthrax – Stomp 442 12.Alice Cooper – The Last Temptation 13.Tesla – Bust A Nut 14.Warrant – Ultraphobic 15.Motley Crue – Motley Crue 16.Dangerous Toys – Pissed 17.Firehouse - 3 18.Tyketto - Strength In Numbers 19.Freak Of Nature – Gathering Of The Freaks 20.AC/DC – Ballbreaker
    • Sounds good to me. He hit some cool notes I wasn't expecting. 
    • No mention of the music video? Or are you still fapping your way through it? ;}
    • I saw them in 2003 at a festival and I thought they were very good. 
    • From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to present the fourth installment of Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, "Hunt The Flame". Once again, the multi-talented Swedish guitarist/songwriter/producer has assembled a killer cast of incredible lead vocalists to lend their talents to his musical vision.  For “Hunt The Flame”, Magnus once again enlisted some of the strongest melodic singers in metal and hard rock. Stunning performances are provided, in order of appearance, courtesy of Alexander Strandell (Art Nation, Crowne), Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), James Durbin (Durbin, Cleanbreak), Kristian Fyhr (Seventh Crystal, Ginevra), James Robledo (Sinner's Blood), Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus), Girish Pradhan (Girish And The Chronicles), Raphael Mendes (Icon Of Sin), Terje Haroy (Pryamaze, Mantric Momentum), Jake E (Cyhra), and Antti Railion (Celesty, Diecell, The Wildfire).Rounding out the line-up on the album is Anders Kollerfors on drums with Magnus Karlsson handling all other instrumentation on this stunning slab of melodic metal.  Magnus Karlsson is well known as the mastermind behind several productions associated with Frontiers Music Srl, including the successful initial Allen/Lande (Russell Allen and Jorn Lande)trilogy and the recent spin-off, Allen/Olzon (Russell Allen and Anette Olzon), which has released two albums thus far. Additionally, releases by Starbreaker (with Tony Harnell), Bob Catley, and Kiske/Somerville have been guided by his talented hand. In 2008, he joined German heavy metal icons Primal Fear and with them has toured the world and recorded several successful albums which charted in multiple countries around the globe. In 2013, he launched his solo project “Free Fall” which was warmly received by the numerous fans of the Swedish mastermind and showcased Magnus’ songwriting and production skills with lead vocals provided by a varied cast of some of the finest singers of the genre on each release.  Tracklisting: 1. Hunt The Flame ft. Alexander Strandell 2. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore ft. Jakob Samuel 3. Thunder Calls ft. James Durbin 4. Break Of Dawn ft. Kristian Fyhr 5. Far From Home ft. James Robledo 6. Night Bird ft. Michael Eriksen 7. Holy Ground ft. Girish Pradhan 8. Following The Damned ft. Raphael Mendes 9. The Lucid Dreamer ft. Terje Haroy 10. Demons Of Our Time ft. Jake E 11. Summoning The Stars ft. Antti Railion Line-Up: Magnus Karlsson - Guitars, Bass, Keyboard And Vocals Anders Köllerfors - Drums    
    • Ok, I get it now. Classic style band/song names like Nightfire, becomes Nitefire nowadays.
    • That's what annoys me about Grand Design song titles: rock being spelt as 'rawk,' but also 'tuff,' 'luv,' 'nite,' etc.
    • Now we're talking! A great, fully understandable band name and cool cover art to match it.
    • As some sort of artist myself maybe I shouldn't be commenting but why do they misspell rock to rawk? Is that in fashion now or?
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