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Del Amitri?


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Always loved this band. Just got a hold of about 30 b-sides and was simply blown away by a lot of them. "A Better Man" is just awesome and I can't believe it never made one of their studio albums. In fact, a lot of these songs are amazing. Definitely a band that should have been huge. I consider everything from Waking Hours through Another Suckers to be prime stuff...as well as Justin's two solo albums.


Any other Del fans here?

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Got Waking Hours, Change Everything, Some Other Suckers Parade and Twisted. I struggle to find bad tracks on them. I only picked up Twisted a few weeks ago for 49p.

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Yeah, stay away from their S/T debut and you're in good shape.


Google "Del Amitri Rarities"...there's a really great 10 part out-of-print B-sides blog out there. There's around 30 studio tracks and a boatload of live and alternate versions of songs. And like I said, some of these tracks are really great. They have an actual B-Side album out called Lousy With Love with even more...never heard this but going to order it.


And I might be crazy, but some of the Dels stuff sounds like what Butch Walker was trying to do with some stuff on I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart and some of Sycamore Meadows. Vocals are nothing alike, but the songwriting and some of the music definitely makes me think of the Dels. I'd be interested to hear his opinion of them.

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