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The Pretty Reclkess

66 mustang

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Also check out "Miss Nothing". A cool song IMO.

She gets a lot of shit for being another token female singer wannabe but IMO she can sing her ass off. She was in "The Grinch Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey many years ago when she was like ten years old.



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I remember the other thread about this band. I probably said this back then, but just in case: tunes are OK, nothin' I would run out and buy though. Also, that chick singer is kinda hot, in a skanky sort of way. :crazy:

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These guys were meant to come out to Australia earlier this month and because I was already going to the show I checked out every band on the schedule. I kinda liked these guys and the CD landed in the mailbox a couple of weeks ago. Haven't spun it yet, but she does look kind of sexy in the booklet. I think they're a pretty decent rock band. No frills, but pretty cool.

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