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The Pretty Reclkess

66 mustang

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Also check out "Miss Nothing". A cool song IMO.

She gets a lot of shit for being another token female singer wannabe but IMO she can sing her ass off. She was in "The Grinch Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey many years ago when she was like ten years old.



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I remember the other thread about this band. I probably said this back then, but just in case: tunes are OK, nothin' I would run out and buy though. Also, that chick singer is kinda hot, in a skanky sort of way. :crazy:

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These guys were meant to come out to Australia earlier this month and because I was already going to the show I checked out every band on the schedule. I kinda liked these guys and the CD landed in the mailbox a couple of weeks ago. Haven't spun it yet, but she does look kind of sexy in the booklet. I think they're a pretty decent rock band. No frills, but pretty cool.

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    • ADV produced albums usually have weak choruses.
    • Update for 2022 as of now for me.  I doubt this changes but will edit if it does. 1.  Skid Row - Gangs All Here 2.  Kissin Dynamite - Not The End of The Road 3.  Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos 4.  Crashdiet - Automaton 5.  H.E.A.T - Force Majure The next five in no particular order:  Degreed, Nickelback, Thundermother, Black Swan, Ronnie Atkins. Most disappointing for me was easily Shiraz Lane....I expected to love that album with how much I've enjoyed all their other recent output but that album was like a kick in the nuts....Just did not like it at all.  I think I've got one song from it that made my main playlist (Scream).  For me they just lost the catchy melodies they had on Carnival Days and Vibration. Overall, Skid Row gets the nod for me as I just really dig it.  I think in reality Kissin' Dynamite's album probably has better songs but the Skid Row album just excited me more  and they're a band I actually get the chance to see live and experience the new songs which just adds a little to it.  That KD album is fantastic though and probably my most played album this year being it came out earlier in the year. Def Leppard get my third spot.  Yeah, I know many hate it but I dug it and for me it blows away their past couple albums.  They at least got back to making some fun, catchy tunes and that's really all I want from them at this stage as I know they're never doing Pyromania again. Crashdiet was my surprise of the year.  I've never been into these guys before but this album really grabbed me.  I also spent a lot of time listening to Rust and found myself really enjoying that album also.  I've been trying to get into some of their earlier albums but have to say they aren't really grabbing me.   As for H.E.A.T, I'm a little surprised I liked this album as much as I did as I never cared much for their first 2 albums with Kenny.  But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with it.  I think the only tracks on it I don't care much for are One Of Us, Paramount and Demon Eyes.  I dig the rest though and for me this album is much better than those first 2 albums. There's really not much separating my next five of Degreed, Nickelback, Thundermother, Black Swan and Ronnie Atkins.  Basically have a handful of tracks on each one of them that I enjoy and all are pretty good listens.
    • That's fucking class. Impeccable production from Ward as always.
    • I've been busy buying these last couple of months so my finalists will be from this lot. I will need the next month of listens and re-listens to decide on the top ten. Alter Bridge Black Swan Bloody Heels Chez Kane Classless Act Crashdiet Dance With the Dead Def Leppard  Deraps Devicious  Devin Townsend  Disturbed  Dorothy Dynazty Fans of the Dark  Giant Girish and the Chronicles  Heat Iconic Jethro Tull  John Elefante  Journey  King's X  Kissin Dynamite  Muse Noiseworks  Ozzy Osbourne  Porcupine Tree  Queensryche  Restless Spirits  Sammy Hagar & the Circle  Scorpions  Skid Row Slash Stabbing Westward  Star One Stryper The Cruel Intentions  The Cult  The Midnight The Pretty Reckless  Vypera Still to buy: Treat - The Endgame Cleanbreak - Coming Home Wildness - Resurrection
    • I really like the HEAT album as well. All that I really wish they included was some more cowbell.
    • 🇳🇱 3 🇺🇸 0
    • This is from Simon Daniels personal Facebook page: I never post about internal affairs on social media, but since we are being brutally attacked by Steve Lynch, Forgive me for being forced to lower myself to this level, but I see no other way to defend ourselves at this point. We were made equal partners with equal rights by Steve Lynch in 2014. In the last nine years, he loved us for what we did until he decided to quit and leave us high and dry in 2019 including Randy. He waited for Randy to pass to terminate our work for no other reason than to harm us. I’m not gonna elaborate more. Not up for discussion.. We’re not looking for any drama on line and let the legal process which was initiated by Steve Lynch days after Randy’s passing take it’s course. Blessings   Also, in a question from someone as to are they still allowed to use the name and perform the songs now there are no originals left, he said yes as anyone can perform those songs (no mention of the name usage) live, but that they are now performing 80% new material on stage these days. If that is not reason enough to not see a band called Autograph, I dunno what is. I get someone like David Lee Roth would not wanna perform Sammy era VH songs, but if you go out there under the name Autograph, regardless of who is in the band, you have to accept that fans wanna hear the classics, not the new stuff most people have never even heard. Imagine Def Leppard going out on tour and only performing stuff released after Sparkle lounge.
    • USA Holland should be interesting 
    • The song is just ok. I will give the rest of the record a shot but the single sounds way too symphonic for me. I agree with the others, this is not Revolution Saints. It should have some other name or be a Deen solo release. I don't care for the engineering on this song either, it sounds muddy to me. C.H.
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