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Rob Moratti - Victory


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After hearing the excellent and truly listenable Lionsville album and the amazing Work Of Art samples, I was starting to believe that AOR was getting back on track, and this latest release and kept the fire burning. This is great stuff from beginning to end!


Some marvellous rockers and great ballads, super slick stuff here...slightly chessy in places, but I love this shit. I could listen to this quality all day!!






and the SUPER 'Standing On Top Of The World'.......this is so cool!




Surely a must have for 2011!!

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When I forgot my Ipod the other day at work and was listening to Dan's radio, this was one of the feature CDs and I was massively surprised by how good this sounded... as in much better than the Final Frontier CDs. Very much looking forward to hearing this full thing as I love what I've heard so far.

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Basically sounds like Final Frontier with Reb Beach shredding....I'M SOLD!!!! I'll be getting this one soon enough.

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i've heard it yesterday, first impression is rounding around 8/10 for me, there are several really great tunes, but several other feels okay and good just like the new Night Ranger did for me, but i believe this one is gonna be a blast after more spins and i'm in for the Beach guy!


oh and I can hear a lot of Final Frontier touch there, but this one is heavier :party421:

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Absolutely agreed, and an awesome CD front cover as well ...........

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