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CDBaby - missing back covers

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Hello all,


2 days ago I received a shipment from CDBaby with 4 CD's. Inside were the 4 white paper sleeves (no plastic to save shiping cost) with the CD and the front cover only. The back covers were all missing. I complained by phone and they promised to send them, but I am a little sceptical this will happen.


Terry (martinsane) is already helping me out with 2 of them and I found one on the internet, but I can't find the fourth one. Does anyone have this CD and could send me a high resolution scan of its back cover, please ?


WINTERHAWK - Revival (Rockadrome label)


My email addy is home@bstuenkel.de


Thanks in advance & cheers





On a side note: I received another shipment from CDBaby where those idiots folded the back cover and put it into the paper sleeve and now it is creased. Did anyone already have this experience with them ??

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Hi Bernd, I got 5 CDs from them yesterday and they arrived fine. Shame about your creasing.


A few years ago I ordered some CDs and they sent 2 of the same CD, admittedly it was the same band. I sent them an email and they sent me the other CD straight away and told me to keep the duplicate CD. So in my experience I am sure they will send you through the rear inlay.

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Yeah, I have to say I've never had an issue with CD Baby either. They seem to be very customer service concious too, so I'd be amazed if the back inlays don't arrive asap.

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Cool ! Thanks a lot, guys !! :drink:

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Yes I would definitely ask for a replacement to be sent out, and actually that is probably what they will do. I can't imagine they have just the inserts laying around that they can send, unless they know where your original inserts that they forgot to send are. I had a cd sent to me that got caught in some post office machine and was utterly destroyed. When I informed them of what happened, CDBaby sent out another no questions asked.

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