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Poets Of The Fall


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I don't know how many of you have heard of Poets Of The Fall but they are one of the biggest name here in Finland. Several albums under their belt, they´ve just released a best of CD/DVD called "Alchemy Vol. 1".

Gaining recognition through games like Max Payne and Alan Wake these guys are one of my favourite bunch of musicians. Below some picks from their career, ranging from ballads to rockers.


Their "breakthrough" song from Max Payne:





Their new single:





Video directed by the same guy (Stobe Harju) who directed Cashmir's Josie:





Another one directed by Stobe Harju:





A great track from the game Alan Wake:





From the album Twilight Theater:





An awesome and haunting ballad:





One more directed by Stobe Harju:



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I heard one of their CDs about 2-3 years back... maybe even a bit longer. Was not a fan at all. Can't hear these samples at the minute, but did they ever get any better? At the time they had that "typical" bland, sad and depressing Finnish sound. Did they ever get a bit more animated?

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 One of my go to bands at the moment. Been playing this years awesome 'Ghostlight' album almost on repeat. Absolutely love the guys voice (very distinctive with great tone) and general vibe of their songs. Fantastic band, fantastic catalogue of music

Top songs for me in no order:-

The Distance

Show Me This Life

The Sweet Escape

Dancing On Broken Glass



Choice Millionaire




Sounds Of Yesterday

Lust For Life

Chasing Echoes

Weaver Of Dreams










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