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As some of you know, I am throwing a little party at a local club the night prior to the M3 Festival in Columbia, MD. I'm have 3 bands provide entertainment for the night. The bands are Sin 4 Sin, Baby Jayne, and headlining is Wildstreet.




Here is what I need... I need about 40 minutes of 80's style Rock/Metal to be played between bands. I also need 60 minutes of cool tunes to spin between the time the doors open and the first band plays. Then I need about 45 minutes worth once Wildstreet is done playing.


I need to make 4 CDs:


1.) 60 minutes prior to first band

2.) 40 minutes between Sin 4 Sin and Baby Jayne

3.) 40 minutes between Baby Jane and Wildstreet

4.) 45 minutes after Wildstreet


I was wondering if you all could throw out some tunes you would like to here.. your ultimate party tunes.


Thanks... Dave

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Some possible crowd pleasers, trying to keep in tune with the theme of the night:


Pour some sugar on me - Def Leppard

Nothin' but a good time - Poison

Pedal to the Metal - Bang Gang

Love bomb baby - Tigertailz

Rockin' with the radio - Blue Tears

21 Til I die - Crazy Lixx

Riot in everyone - Crashdiet

Beat the bullet - Danger Danger

Hysteria - Def Leppard

Unchain the night - Dokken

Come play the game - Heaven's Edge

Rock n'roll is gonna set the night on fire - Pretty Boy Floyd

Beautiful bomb - Reckless Love

Rock n'roll nights - Roxus

Drive it to ya hard - Roxxi

Screwed blued & tattoed - Sleez Beez

Death to all but metal - Steel Panther

No way without you - Treat

Good buys wear black - Tuff

No respect - Vain

Don't tell no lies - Victory

Mr Rainmaker - Warrant

Hungry - White Lion

Can't kill my rock n' roll - Wig Wam

Hang on Lucy - Wildside

Face down in the gutter - XYZ

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I guess we were thinking alike. I've done one of the CDs prior to your response here... These are the songs I included:



Vain - "Who's Watching You"

Reckless Love - "One More Time"

Tuff - "The All New Generation"

Shy Tiger - "Don't Walk Away"

Pretty Boy Floyd - "Rock & Roll"

Roxx Gang - "No Easy way Out"

Crashdiet - "Knokk 'Em Down"

Dirty Penny - "Midnight Ride"

Hanoi Rocks - "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

The Last Vegas - "Whatever Gets You Off"

Things - "All That Glitters"


The above CD is prior to Wildstreet playing.


Some go ones Geoff... But Poison ain't gonna happen. :nyanya:


I'm sure I will include XYZ - "Face Down In The Gutter" and a Heaven's Edge song.

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