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Last Autumn's Dream - 'Yes'


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I know a lot of people probably don't acknowledge these guys much anymore, having constantly delivered an album per year over the most part of the last decade... might be a bit too much for some.


I enjoyed the last CD quite a bit more than their earlier work and having got the new one I couldn't help but notice how much influence Jamie Borger (drummer for Treat / Talisman etc.) has on the band's new CD. The majority of the songs are actually written by him. And whilst the new CD, 'Yes,' is certainly no 'Coup De Grace,' having that new presence in the band does liven things up a little. It's still very much a LAD CD, but I'm enjoying it. Anyone else (aside from Bernd) checked it out?


01) I’ve Fallen Into You

02) The Sound of a Heartbreak

03) Another Night

04) Fool’s Game

05) If I Could Change the World

06) To Be With You

07) Michelle Don’t Live Here No More

08) In This Thing Too Deep

09) Still Standin’ Where Ya Left Me

10) Kissin’ Goodbye the Tears

11) Survivor

12) Alive

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Yes is a good album, but A Touch of Heaven is better, but yes they still haven't manage to create anything new outside their boundaries, but why fix if it ain't broke, that's their motto i suppose :christmas:

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Agreed that it is much the same as before, so fans of the previous stuff can pretty much buy blind. I do think this one is probably their best one yet though, with the songwriting a notch ot two more consistent than previously. Nice cover of Michael Bolton's fab 'Fools Game' to top it off.

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My favorite cd from this band is for sure Dreamcatcher (2009). I really enjoyed -your kind of loving(so 80s so Europe),hold on to my heart and the last to know- in this album.

A touch of heaven was not at the same level (IMO), I bought it original but It didn't impressed me much.

From the new one I downloaded I've fallen into you, It doesn't do much for me. I know Jamie is a fine songwriter, but I will listen the whole thing before buy it.

It's very difficult withone album per year (there is also the SALUTE project) say something new, anyway I appreciate their passion.

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