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While cleaning out a closet


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I forgot I had them. They are not in great shape overall. They used to hand on the walls of my bedroom when I was a kid and I think I had some of them up on the walls in my dorm room my first year of college.


Most of them I am pretty sure I won at the little town fair during the summer by throwing darts at balloons a board. That reminds me I have a bunch of flat glass music artwork that I won at the fair too. I must find those, hope I have them.

I remember one summer the carnie that ran one of the rides played Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" over and over for all 4 days of the fair....but I digress.


On the right are a couple of art projects I did when I was a freshman in high school.

Guns N Roses done with pencil and if I remember correctly the idea was to use "shading" to create the drawing.

The Dangerous Toys artwork started off as a black wax board...then I remember I took a pen like object with a pointed end to scratch the black wax off the board to reveal the white underneath. (any artists on here can correct my terminology...I passed the class but the art teacher mostly rolled her eyes at me or sent me to principle Friesand's office, who was also my baseball coach so he never suspended me..haha).

Come to think of it, I had some Duran Duran posters too...Seven And The Ragged Tiger, Arena, etc....wonder where those are? Anyway, here is the pic:



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Nice!! :tumbsup:


I like the ones you did in school..


Yea... now days you would be suspended if you drew a picture with a gun in it. :wacko:

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I like that DT sketch! I did one of those in art class in h.s. of the AC/DC - fly On The Wall album cover, it was about the only art project I ever did that turned out half-way decent.

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