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A great verse out of a great song, anybody guess what it is? it should


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So if you see your mama shaking on the street, your little sisters starving and there aint no food to eat, shes looking for the dealer, and trying to find some crack, well tell your little sister mama wont be coming back!

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LOL! Ha Ha Ha!!!! My daughter was riding shotgun in my jeep going to watch the super bowl with me(she's 9) she decided to wait for me to go in and pay for gas, then got a hold of my Ipod, remind you I have an extremely crappy, and barely audible stereo system in my jeep, really you have to role the windows up to hear it!(extreme sarcasm) I have such a thundering system, I had to disconnect one of my amps, the reason my system is so extremely overly loud, is so in the summertime, when I take my hard top off my jeep, at work I can turn my radio on and hear it, from a distance, and to fucking rock out while I drive, I just had to set up the scenario so it's extremely clear how loud my system is, and so you know, it's NOT JUST BASS! I only have 2 10' Kicker Solo Barics, it's extremely loud and clear, , so im standing in line at 7\11, waiting to pay, someones standing with the door cracked waiting for someone to come in, and all of the sudden this fucking air raid siren goes off blaring from outside, and everyone starts frantically looking around, including myself, I started towards the door, to go make sure my daughter was alright, when the glass windows on the front of the store start shaking, to thundering drums pounding, and It dawns on me, "hey! thats fucking Blue Murder We All Fall Down" wtf, I mean shits shaking on shelves, glass doors and windows are rattling, windows of peoples cars are rattling, and I look out and my daughter is banging her head, hard playing air guitar, absolutely jamming and totally oblivious to how loud it is outside, she had switched on my 2nd amp,(cause daddy showed her how last summer) and I was so proud I couldnt even bring myself to run out and shut it down, I just got back in line, and sang along, I had forgotten how hard that song rocks, and my daughter just saw a kid holding up a cat by the tail and selected the first song on it, sorry, this is probably absolutely pointless to all of you, and not at all interesting, but my love and pride for my little girl grew 1000 times today! thats my girl!

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