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HARDBONE – No Frills (2020)


from various sources:

German, Hamburg hard rockers HARDBONE will be releasing their fifth studio album ‘No Frills’ on May 8, 2020. These guys have been in the business for over a decade, and really work like an oiled machine.

If you miss Krokus and their rocking melodic delivery, Harbone will quench your thirst of ’80s oriented German-type of indeed, ‘no-frills’ classic hard rock.

With “No Frills”, the Teutonic rockers will finally be releasing new material after four long years, but the wait was worth it. The album was recorded for the first time in the Chameleon Studios Hamburg in collaboration with producer Eike Freese.

“Bang Goes The Money” was a perfect choice as opener, because immediately rocks and shows exactly what you can expect from these guys: rock n’ roll fun.

If you are not yet tapping your feet, you will do so after the first bits of second number “Off The Beaten Track”. Bad ass tune. Next, the groove of “Too Hot” encourages dancing with a beer at hand. Shake it baby!

“A Man In His Prime” convinces with a well crafted catchy melody. Lyrically, the song refers to men in their prime who face aging with a wink and can still bark and bite.

The energetic, motivational song “Breaking The Chains” embodies a rock ‘n’ roll motto: Do what you want and don’t let silly people bother you. It rocks, hard.

“To Hell” comes back grooving and simply lets leaves you breathless. The voice of singer Tim Dammann is particularly dirty on this song. That’s rock ‘n’ roll.

“Holy Water” speaks to all whiskey lovers from the soul, with the typical HARDBONE riff n’ roll sound. Cheers!

With “Boys Night Out” things get a little quieter in a midtempo mode. The catchy melody goes straight to the ear with its sing along chorus. “BeastLike” was originally titled ‘Riffosaurus’, which is quite appropriate. Rhythmic and dynamic.

“Back In The Days” speaks about modern rock rock radio and wants to reflect on how it actually should sound. Authentic and straightforward, fresh and simple hard rocker for the Summer.

You shouldn’t listen to this album on the couch on a lazy Sunday, because it triggers the urge to move. The feet, the head, the body. “No Frills” is electrifying. Rock ‘n’ Roll is a way of life that HARDBONE not only fully embodied, but once again put on tape.

Highly Recommended


01 – Bang Goes the Money
02 – Off the Beaten Track
03 – Too Hot
04 – A Man in His Prime
05 – Breaking the Chains
06 – To Hell
07 – Holy Water
08 – Less Talk, Less Bull
09 – Boy’s Night Out
10 – Back In the Day
11 – Beastlike
12 – Im Talking to You

Tim Dammann – Vocals
Sebastian Kranke – Lead Guitar
Tommy Lindemann – Rhythm Guitar
Tim Schwarz – Bass
Benjamin Ulrich – Drums



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Doesn't do anything for me but it sounds okay for this type of AC/DC rip off thing. I did see a nice place to stick my hard bone on the album cover a few posts back. 

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