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Ivory Tower - 'Little bits of dreams'


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I picked this one up recently... bought so many CDs I can't remember what came from where, but this one turned out to be a good one. I quite enjoy that debut CD, 'Heart of the city', and was surprised I'd never really heard about this one, released in 2004 on Metal Mayhem.


If I understand the front page of this site correctly, it sounds like these were out-takes from the debut album sessions. If that's the case, I dare say they opted to leave a lot of the best material off the debut. In places this sounds like a more commercial version of what was released. Yeah, it's not well produced but that said it's not bad either. Still definitely has a decent sound. And tracks like 'Prima Donna' and 'Out in the cold' are pretty much the best I've heard from these guys.


Don't get me wrong, it's not going to set your world alight, but this is a cool CD and I'd call it pretty much essential for any fan of the debut. A few fillers, but worth checking out.


Oh, and btw, Mike (Whiplash), you weren't the lead singer in this band, were you? ;)

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I had it and sold it. Not bad, but the title track has to be one of the worst songs I've ever heard! I just thought it was a really weak song.

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