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Randy Moss to come back to Minnesota?


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I always admired his talent, but absolutely HATED his antics. Looks like he may be coming back to MN... Hopefully he'll leave his attitude in NE..



Hmmm.... Farvey-boy and Moss hook-ups? :whistle:



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Wonder what the Pats could/would get in return for him. Might be a case of "works for everyone", if he'll just play ball and shut up.


How do all the Vikes fans feel?

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he is back for one reason only, Favre. this is the last chance for the Vikings to make it to the big dance but they need a down the field target to get there. Moss will be fantastic the rest of this year to show the Pats they shouldn't have let him go. Next year without Favre who knows which Moss will be on the field.

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Jesus! they better start doing a senior citizen report on the Vikings local radio and tv show, man maybe they can call Steve Deberg and see if he's interested in a back up QB job??

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