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Idiots, idiots everywhere...


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I know many of us accept that an alarming majority of human beings are idiots, but today in particular I feel compelled to write on the subject.


Went out for a jog this morning, my route took me to a main road which is closed due to major gas works. There are loads of signs up on the approach roads (and other nearby routes) telling motorists that the road is closed and that there is a diversion, which if they follow will mean they won't get within a mile of the closed section of road. However, there were hundreds of drivers going right up to that closed section and having to turn round and go back to the diversion. What are these idiots thinking? "The signs say there's a diversion for the next 6 weeks, but maybe when I get there the road will be open."? Or, "The road might be closed, but it won't apply to me."?


What a bunch of f***wits! They've all caused themselves miles and minutes of unnecessary driving as well as congesting routes that they shouldn't even be on.


Anyway, that's my 'idiots of the day' story, anyone else have any they'd like to share?

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Since December last year I have been having problems with this c*nt of a Samsung mobile phone which would automatically and randomly switch off. I brought it back to Samsung in February this year (under warranty) and they couldn't find a fault, so I brought it back home and on the same day the fault was evident again. Brought it back in May (under warranty) and they still couldn't find the fault, brought it back home and within days it was back to it's old tricks. Brought it back to Samsung in June (out of warranty but covered under same botched "repair" reference) and they still couldn't find the fault, but within an hour of me taking it back home it was f*cked again, switching off automatically. Then the other day it just stopped working all together - doesn't turn on anymore (I may or may not have thrown it in a fit of unadulterated rage onto a carpeted surface).


So I send an extremely unhappy email to Samsung customer service describing the fiasco, and they tell me to bring it back to the repair center one last time, just to get the c*nt thing assessed and confirmed by Samsung that it is in fact not working, so I can (hopefully) get a new one. So I take it back yesterday and the whore wants to charge me $39 to get the phone assessed, even though I had this email reference from their customer service, and it was all still with regard to the f*cked up "repair" job they did while it was still under warranty.


Long, boring story, but this whore really pissed me off. If I were a more tender man I'd have been insulted that the f*cking idiot wanted to charge me $39 just to confirm to me that yep, my phone doesn't actually turn on anymore. A child in Hungry Jacks with a tomato on his face could tell me this - why would these c*nts expect me to pay $39 for this whore to tell me this? Especially, when, because of Samsung's f*cked up product, I have spent half of my contract period without their useless f*cking phone.


Moral of the story, I f*cking hate Samsung at the moment.

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They are just everywhere, aren't they? Maybe it's a test...


You know when you turn into a road (in the UK it would be when turning right) sometimes you cut across the other lane in that road when there are no cars coming? No harm done, make the turn easier and quicker. Someone did that this week when I was in that lane. I had to brake hard and just about had time for a quick (but unconvincing) hand gesture. Managed to get a look at the driver and it was an enormous whale, I reckon she must have been upwards of 25 stone. Bitch.


Maybe if we live our whole lives without killing one of these twats we win a prize or something.

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