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Steve Hughes


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This is probably very old news to the Aussies on here...


Has anyone else seen this comedian? He's Australian and calls his act 'Heavy Metal Comedy' as he's a big metaller and has been in some metal bands. I saw him recently and when he came out his first line was something like, "I know what you're thinking, but don't worry; I'm fuckin' funny." And he was. I went with my brother to see him supporting Reginald D Hunter, who my brother is a huge fan of, and my brother thought Steve Hughes was funnier (Reg was still very good though). Best line (and I can't find a clip of him doing this one) was along the lines of, "You're from Britain. The same country that produced: The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Who. Deep Purple.... [then lists about 40 influential acts from various rock genres, all in quick succession off the top of his head] "If you watch X Factor, you're a bit of a c**t." You probably had to be there, but it was one of the funniest lines I've ever heard. (Plus I had the moral high ground as I hate X Factor and its peers.)


The first clip on here is brilliant, I'd urge anyone who hasn't seen him to check this out.


Steve Hughes

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