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GOODBYE THRILL....Outrageous!


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Are you ready to get .....Outrageous? Goodbye Thrill is back to pick up where they left off with their debut release. Armed with some new faces and a fresh new album just in time for the summer fun. This is a melodicrock album that will deliver, we promise that if you enjoyed the 1st album, then you are going to love Outrageous! Marco did a killer job handling all the guitar duties on the bands latest effort, and surpassed both label and bands expectations. We are very proud of him for both writing, and performing an album filled with such great material.

Joining the GBT fold, is the bands New guitarist Chuck Beckman. A guitarist to watch out for without a doubt. We are looking fwd to seeing him play this material live with Marco and the boys. Unfortunately the album was already in the can when Chuck joined Goodbye Thrill. So look out for him to show his stuff live, and on the next album. As a guitar duo, Marco and Chuck will not disappoint! Outrageous is due June 20th. Just in time to get your Thrill for the beach weather. So Pre-order your copy now at www.kivelrecords.com.


Also if you have yet to snag a copy, then pick up Goodbye Thrill's Keepsakes. A CD of unreleased material and acoustic GBT tunes. Along with a bonus Free DVD! Containing Over 45 minutes of live, candid and in the studio footage. Buy any 2 titles, and get the third half price automatically


Outrageous Track order:

1. Black Book (you can Download this song in full at www.melodicrock.com)

2. Bride To Be

3. Scumbag

4. Talk About it

5. Disposable

6. Don't Want to Miss a Thing

7. Outrageous

8. Case of Mondays

9. So Unpredictable

10. Work it Out

11. You're My Cure

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Yeah, awesome. I enjoyed the debut too and looking forward to hopefully hearing them take it up a notch this time 'round.

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Whoever writes these press releases is irritating to the point of neausea.


P.s. Like Geoff, be good to see them crank things up a little from the debut (more consistency of song-writing) but is definitely one I'll check out

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Is it blasphemous to speak ill of such a band?


I hope I'm not being too harsh but I have to drop my honest thoughts here in hope of some other input too. Did many people get 'Outrageous?'


I got it and spun it today and I have to say that I have such mixed feelings about this band. They have some good songs in them and Ferriera's been a pretty good song writer since his 'Fallen Heroes' album under his own name, but that suffered from the same thing this one does. If I'm being totally blunt I think the production job is as thin as a scrotum hair. But more than that, rather than being consistently thin as a sctorum hair, there also seem to be inconsistencies in the production/mix that really make some of the songs hard to listen to.


The opening track is the perfect example. It plods along as it does, then comes the chorus and it feels as though the musical backing disappears, almost totally drops out of the song. The already weak drums become barely audible and almost off-key (to these untrained ears anyway) and the chorus just sounds like a mess, even if the actual lyrical/vocal hook is fine. And it's not just this song, it's most of them on this album, and plenty on the Ferriera album. Not so much or as obvious on the Goodbye Thrill debut.


It's hard to bring up because I'm not even entirely sure what the "problem" is. All I know is that there is a pretty well written collection of songs here which just don't sound good at all, to be frank. There is something huge missing here, even if I can't pinpoint it exactly.


Any other thoughts on the new CD?


Okay, just did a quick bit of research in my collection to confirm a theory. And sure enough it matches up. 'Fallen Heroes' and 'Outrageous' are both produced and mixed by Ferriera alone, where as Goodbye Thrill's debut (easily the best of the lot) was co-produced by John Kivel himself, and it was mixed by another person altogether. The conclusion? Not to be harsh, but maybe Ferriera should stick to the music and leave the production and mixing side to someone else entirely?

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I picked this up at DRF this summer. I found a track or 2 that were good. To be fair tough, this is not my preferred type of rock. Bands like this I usually find a couple of tracks that are good and that held true for this one. So, it's more of musical preference and because of that I didn't spin it enough to get into the details of the production.

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I bought mine from John at DRF and I've enjoyed it but haven't played it much and it pales in comparison to the debut IMO. Like Jeff this isn't my type of rock either but I do recognize that there are some good songs on here but nowhere near as many as the debut.

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