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Hello everyone. Retrospect is very excited to officially announce our involvement in two major festivals this year.


For the the third year in a row we are hosting our own stage at Rocklahoma. Rocklahoma is being held this year Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May. Entire line-up will be announced Monday and I tend to think it is going more "modern" but Rocklahoma has become our home away from home every year and we are happy to introduce bands like WILDSTREET , THE GLITTER BOYS (album release soon) , KRANK , FIRSTRYKE as well as many others yet to be announced to the music masses.


We are absolutely THRILLED to be a part of the BEST one-day 80s event in the USA this year - of course I am speaking of the M3 Festival in Columbia , Maryland. This year's line-up includes Scorpions , Cinderella , Warrant , Vince Neil , Kix and a host of other bands from the greatest decade of rock n roll. While our introductory role is limited this year , the Retro crew will be out in full force with a large merchandise tent as well as the inclusion of one of our strongest selling acts MASS (Voices in the Night , New Birth , Take You Home , Crack of Dawn) being added to the roster.


Hope to see you guys at one of the shows!!


Sam McCaslin

CEO - Retrospect Records , Inc.

Owner - 101.9 FM St George , UT

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:help: Sam....Any chance of getting on the phone or emailing the guys of "Slick Lilly" and convincing them a re-issue of "Brotherhood" would be a very good idea ??

This is a very rare one indeed and just finding out what one went for when it did become available {$550} makes it a very good chance that 99.9% of us who do want to get it, never will :crying:

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Last I talked to the singer and the guitarist they were not interested in a reissue, but maybe same can change their mind....great cd!

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They did a sell out reunion show at the end of November last year so hopefully that might reignite some interest :unsure:

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I see Retrospect is doing a label showchase at the Pennant in NJ in May, do you know the line up ??


I'm pretty sure it is Midnight Hero and Pyramid. They may have another band too.

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