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i can't believe I'd tell anyone I like this song

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ok, we're all adults here but talk about guilty pleasure. I heard this song and never paid attention to who it was. I enjoyed it the first couple times I heard it and when I finally heard who it was I was kind of embarassed. but no matter the artist I still think the song is good.


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Smashable. happy.png


Honestly, I wouldn't buy any of it but most these girl pop "rock" artists are listenable if your wife has the radio on and you're forced to listen to it.

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This video came on TV over the weekend while my niece (a huuuuuuge Miley/Hannah Montana fan) was at our house. I thought she was going to explode. "OMIGOD IT'S MILEEEEEEEEEE! TURN IT UP UNCA KEEF!"

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Hey Miley, you sure got a purdy mouth!!!! ;)


:rofl2: Dude, she's only 17... I don't think it's legal to say stuff like that about her quite yet. Give it another year.

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