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KISS Mr Potato Head....

Dark Star

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And no I am NOT making this up.. Man what will they think of next.....


KISS Mr. Potato Head Toys Coming In July - June 8, 2009

Promotional Partners company will release a series of KISS Mr. Potato Head toys, complete with interchangeable parts. This collectors set includes all four members of KISS: The Demon, The Spaceman, The Catman and The Starchild. A variety of KISS costumes, instruments, hairstyles, footwear and faces are included to mix and match.


The KISS Potato Heads are scheduled for a mid-July release.




They gonna be collectors items, just like those Kiss dolls back in the 70s were, You watch.....

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I Love KISS, but seriously who buys this stuff ?


i would :P


i already have a Darth Vader Mr. Potato head from my 14th birthday, so i wouldnt mind getting these to add to my "useless licensed crap" cuboard :P

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Dark Star probably already ordered the complete set of four :whistle:

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The registered trademark, KISS, has been used 11 times in this thread. Please remit $327.65 by check or money order to:


Mr. Gene Simmons

1 Greed Blvd.,

Hollywood, California.

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Hahaha....KISS...Twice Baked Please...


The Ace Frehley model is "baked" if you know what I mean.

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