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anyone want to see my little area of the world?

66 mustang

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The folks in this region speak a purer less bastardized form of English than is spoken most anywhere in the world . The English spoken here is more closely related to Shakespeare's English than any other dialect in the world. So, the pronunciation issue doesn't lie at the feet of the people in the mountains. Ya might want to give yourself a crash course in the history of the English language. Just because folks on the news want to pronounce a word a certain way doesn't mean that is the way the word was originally meant to be pronounced. Appalachia should be pronounced as APPLE-AT-CHA....the way folks around here say it.


The dialect of this area traces back to the Elizabethton era (Shakespeare's time) as far as pronunciation goes. The way the Yanks say it is more of a French pronunciation.

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at the 4:07 mark you see my hometown. That is downtown. right after that, the race track me and my daughter go there a few times a year, it is 10 minutes away from our house. Before that, the SWVA Museum is 15 minutes away as is the Trail Of the Lonesome Pine part and June Tolliver house.

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The guy at the dance with the black dress shoes...that's how I groove to Dangerous Toys! :bananamac:


I've only made it as far as the east side of W. Virginia for a short turkey hunt. I wished we could have stayed longer and seen more of the area. It was very scenic.

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Look's like a good place to chill out in.

thats what pools are for,, speaking of which mine is almost swimming temperature already.

shana's from Sanford, NC,, i'm from the chicago burbs, after so long we just had to leave for the desert.

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