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Has anyone ever heard of the band GRANIT? Just checked out their new self-titled disc and it is pretty awesome. It's been getting constant spins in my cd player (along with High Noon).


I can't find much info on them though. I did find this page:







Hard Rock

Status Formed In

Active 1994


Switzerland (Berne, Berne)


Current line-up

Adi Zeller : Guitar

Oli Schürch : Bass

Role Wyss : Drums

Ädu Leu : Vocals

Luk "Taz" Spoon : Guitar


Former/Past members


Others bands/comments


Retro Hirschi : Vocals

Marco Spozio : Bass

Mitch Koontz : Bass (Godiva (Che))

Luke Hard : Vocals

Markus Brechbühlam : Drums

Harry Jetzer : Vocals

Peter Gander : Drums (Godiva (Che))

Sammy Lasagni : Guitar (Godiva (Che), Kirk)

Ädu Mathy : Vocals


Modify this line-up




Granit's Discography


lyrics mp3 review



Granit (Démo - 2004)



So has anybody else heard the new disc??



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Yup.... It's one of the cd's in my rotation in my car right now. Great CD, but you can definately hear the guys accent in most of the tunes lol

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Gotta give these guys credit. My main critisism of a lot of new bands is an overly safe and reserved approach to their CDs. Take those half a dozen bands starting with the letter 'H' over the past few years - Homerun, H.A.R.D etc. To me, they're just too average in every regard.


I do have to admit these guys are not bowling me over with overly memorable songs, but I have to give them credit for giving it a good ol' fashioned bash. The songs are high spirited, big riffs, great production job, balls and a good energetic effort. That's about all you can ask. Songs are mostly pretty decent. Looking forward to a killer follow-up to this. Nice effort. And the vocals aren't that bad. ;)

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