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Anyone know anything of 'John Justin & The Thunderwings'


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Sad they only did one album, they came out the same time with Uncanny X Men. Saw them a few times, due to the girlfreind the of the time.

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Yeah I've got that album on vinyl. Also have a few 7" singles though as I recall the singles I have are under the name "John Justin" (without the Thunderwings) though I could be wrong about that. Some pretty cool rock. Nothing more nothing less.

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From what i've heard it sounds really 70's glitter inspired glam.

Looks like it was released in 86. Did it make it onto cd?

A big NO.

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I worked for JJ & the thunderwings for a period of time in Melbourne.  

Great band on the verge of success, had some incredible support and musos behind him, Angus Birchill on drums soon to be with Farnham and recorded on the wheatley label along with Farnham. 

Hell of a nice guy too.

If you read this.....cheers John


Stage tech - ex Adelaide 


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I saw John Justin at the Palais many years ago. He came over and sang to me then after the show, his lighting guy approached me to say John wanted to meet me. I sat and had a drink with him and he invited me to rehearsals at the Palais the next day. Unfortunately I had a boyfriend so I didn't go to rehearsals. John Justin started dating the newsreader, Jennifer Kyte shortly after. He was incredibly sweet and down to earth. I wish he was still making music and performing. I would love to see him again. 

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