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Just learned Mac (Andrew McDermott) made a solo CD called "In The Meantime". Anyone ever heard it? Or own it? I did a google search for it and the only thing that comes up is a mention at Rockdetector (Musicmight).


I was just wondering if its Threshold sounding or more Sargant Fury? I Love both. So I would mind getting hold of this one. :tumbsup:

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Interesting. What year did this come out or is it new? He kinda went off the deep end with the Threshold thing.


I dont know anymore than what I wrote. I have only been able to find a couple websites that "mention" he worked on his solo CD. So maybe it was never released. :(

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I dont think it was ever released........he started working on this album with one of the guys from Saxon (the bass player I think), but Im not entirely sure if the album was ever finished.


Also, dont anyone get too excited about the new Yargos release coming out this year (with Mac as lead singer) cos from what Ive heard it sounds like complete tosh.


Weird eh, that Mac leaves Threshold at the height of their powers having just released one of the best albums in the genre stating that he needed to get out of music and spend more time with his family - then he goes and agrees to another album with this bunch of misfits :unsure:


The mind boggles...........

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Wow, I'd like to hear this if it is ever available. I love Sargent Fury and because of him I might just find myself getting into Threshold too.

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