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Who the hell are these guys? -- Part 9


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Oh no.... not another one!! :lol:


Well, here ya go!! Anybody?? Anybody?? Buellar?? :rofl2:


I give you.... "Forgotten Child".




Who the HELL are these guys?? :lol::rofl2::lol:



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LOL Yeah, these guys weren't that great and yes, Patrick, (the singer and third guy from the left) and one of the other guys in the band were the guys in the "18 & Life" video. Thing is Patrick really WAS "Ricky" - the dude had a chip on his shoulder so big you could see it from space. He lived next door to me for a while. One day we heard that he had taken on 2 or 3 gangbangers and just made a bloody fucking mess of them. Turns out it was true. The guy could just about punch a hole through a brick wall.



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I have their demo...and, yeah...they were in 18 and Life vid. The production on their demo really made it hard for me to get into their stuff......

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