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Seven Witches

Fat Freddy

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I was catching up on the news @ Blabbermouth earlier and found this bit which I'd somehow missed during all the holiday hoopla... SWEET! J.R. was the best Seven Witches vocalist IMO. The two discs they did with Alan Tecchio weren't bad but didn't exactly set me on fire either. I guess James will be doing S.W. alongside his Helstar activities for the time being. Fine by me!! :beerbang:


SEVEN WITCHES Planning New Album, Tenth-Anniversary Shows With Singer JAMES RIVERA - Dec. 18, 2008


To celebrate the band's ten-year anniversary, SEVEN WITCHES has rejoined forces with singer James Rivera (HELSTAR, ex-VICIOUS RUMORS) and is in the process of negotiating a deal for a new studio album. In addition, the group will play a number of shows on East and West Coast in early 2009.


Rivera sang on SEVEN WITCHES' "Passage To The Other Side" (2003) and "Year Of The Witch" (2004) albums.


SEVEN WITCHES' latest CD, "Deadly Sins", came out in November 2007 via Screaming Ferret Wreckords. In addition to guitarist Jack Frost's impressive six-string skills, the album featured two other metal giants in their respective fields — ex-HADES/WATCHTOWER vocalist Alan Tecchio (who also appeared on SEVEN WITCHES' "Amped" release) and ARMORED SAINT/FATES WARNING/ANTHRAX bassist Joey Vera.

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Good news indeed.


While at the KIX show Saturday night the owner of Jaxx informed me that he had just booked Seven Witches. If that wasn't cool enough, also co-headlining is Alcatrazz with Graham Bonnet. I'll be hitting this one for sure. :headbanger:

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Shoot... looks like the reports of James Rivera being back in Seven Witches on a permanent basis were premature. (From Blabbermouth)


In response to the confusion caused by the recent announcement that HELSTAR frontman James Rivera has rejoined SEVEN WITCHES for the recording of the band's next studio album and subsequent live shows, SEVEN WITCHES guitarist Jack Frost released the following statement:


"Alan [Tecchio; who sang on the last two SEVEN WITCHES albums] is still the singer in SEVEN WITCHES and we will do another record together, but for the time being he is taking a leave of absence. 'Deadly Sins' [2007] was our best-selling album to date and I am very proud of what he and I have created. For 2009, Alan has commitments with his band HADES, among other projects. With James back in the fold, we thought it would be really special to include him on the next record. If all goes according to plan, James' schedule with HELSTAR will not interfere with SEVEN WITCHES and vice versa. Also, bassist Kevin Bolembach (who played on 'Amped' and 'Deadly Sins') is still in the family but has moved on to commit more time to his band called INFERNOPHONIC."


At least this seems to indicate that Rivera will do another S.W. record before Alan Tecchio returns to the fold.

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SEVEN WITCHES Announce New Album, 'The Way Of The Wicked'




Led by guitarist Jack Frost, Seven Witches has been one of America's best classic 80's-inspired metal bands - specializing in American traditional power metal, reminiscent of bands such as Helstar, Manowar, and Metal Church. And on September 18th, the group will be issuing their latest album, 'The Way of the Wicked,' via the ILS Group (and mixed and mastered by Joey Vera of Armored Saint and Fates Warning), which has been preceded by a video for a standout album track, "Better Days":



Comprised of Frost on guitar (Savatage, Belladonna, The Bronx Casket Co. Metalium, Speeed), Anthony Cross on vocals (Livesay, Shadow Image, Fischel's Beast, Attacker), Ronnie Parkes on bass (Farcry, Cleavage, Tango Down, Reece, Bonfire), and Johnny Kelly on drums (Type O Negative, Danzig, Pale Horse Named Death, Seventh Void, Kill Devil Hill), Seven Witches certainly possesses one of the most impressive pedigrees of any metal band past or present.


And the metal community is taking notice of the band, as evidenced by over 3,000 "likes" on the band's Facebook page, while the metal-archives.com praised the group's earlier album, 'Call Upon the Wicked,' by saying, "This is a must-own in all facets, and if the true meaning of power metal is ever in question during your moments of introspection this will shut tight any doors leading you astray, that I can guarantee."


Soon, the rest of the world will get to experience the mighty metal of Seven Witches.


"Hey everybody, so pumped on our new release. I'm so proud of the way the guys just killed it on this album. Our first single and video is a fresh start for us. A true classic heavy rock feel with the rhythm section of the '70s and a throaty vocal feel. Hope you all like this I'm so happy with our new vibe." --J Frost




The Way Of The Wicked
Better Days
Among Us
Soul Searching
Without Man
When I Flew
Angel Of Salvation
Rise Up

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Blue-collar Frost riff to save his life. Let's see if Leather Lungs can help him.



I saw this band 3 times (various European summer festivals mostly). The usual kebab break(even if the ones served in German festivals usually taste and have the texture of sandpaper).

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