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My New Samurai Prototype is DONE!


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She's FINALLY done... Built by the man who worked for BC Rich for many years and designed both the Bich and Virgin guitars as well as their electronics package that they still use to this day:


I present the Samurai prototype

































Body: Mahogony

Neck: Maple - Les Paul scale 24.75"

Fretboard: Ebony - Sidemarkers with No Inlays

Paint: Glitter Rock White




Pickups: Lace Drop Gains

Bridge: Schaller 456 with Fine Tuners

Controls: Les Paul setup with Q-Parts knobs

Tuners: Grover

Nut: Real Bone Nut made by Neal





I designed this shape back in 1989 when I was in 9-10th grade. I was heavily influenced by some of the BC Rich shapes back in the day, so I slammed a few of my own ideas into a shape with a few design aspects of theirs and came up with this. I made the original body in woodshop that year and still have it, although it was never finished. I graduated and forgot about the guitar.


I then got a bug up my butt 10 years later to have it finished and contacted a guy on the internet. That guitar was built by him and I still have that proto, but it did NOT turn out the way I wanted and the quality was horrible.


I then started to look for someone else to build me one....


I met Neal Moser on a Messageboard that's basically dedicated to old BC Rich's as well as his own GMW and Moser guitars. He really liked my design and offered to build it, so I worked out a deal with him and the design is now trademarked/copyrighted by Moser Custom Shop. It's available on his website along with MANY other shaped and you can have them built to your own specs. :banger:







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The one in the pic IS mine.... :beerbang:



I also have the FIRST Proto from the "other" builder, which I'll more than likely strip the hardware off of and burn. Yes... it turned out that bad :crying: I was proud at the time, until I got the actual guitar in my hands. It plays OK and stays in tune, but the finish was horrible and the paint had runs and globby spots. Oh well...




The guitar had a few shortcomings such as the tail being too long, and the upper fret access was horrible. I took the body I got back from that builder, traced it onto a large piece of paper and redesigned it again to have a shorter tail and better upper fret access, and sent THAT design to Neal Moser.




And I still have the first body I built back in 1990. -_-

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Once in a while :whistle: (6 months ago was the last time I picked up my guitar) :nyanya:

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I was just directed to this thread by T-Bone after inquiring about the guitar pic in his signature, and I just have to say...




I love my own gear, but to have a guitar prototype that you designed yourself? Are you shitting me? That is off the hook, and the hook it was hooked on!


Grover keys? Two Drop and Gains? Hand-made bone nut? Schaller bridge with fine tune? My only reservation would be that an ebony board is a bit high-maintenance, but they do resonate well. And damn! That black on white look is awesome!


All in all, an axe I would be proud to own.


T-Bone, you are da man. :bowdown:

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