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Retrospect Records - April 24, 2008


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Retrospect Records is excited to announce the following new releases:





ARRIVAL "Point of Origin" - AOR fans and collectors rejoice! Here we have one of the most amazing collection of AOR gems ever assembled on one disc. Arrival hail from Denver and here we have 10 mind-blowing tracks of pure melodic rock featuring previously unreleased recordings by none other than MARK FREE (King Kobra , Signal , Unruly Child). After King Kobra and before Signal , Mark recorded five fantastic AOR tracks with Arrival and here they are in all their remastered glory. Sharing vocal duties with Mark is the equally talented Michael Badagliacco and between these two singers , we have an instant Melodic Rock classic. Retrospect once again unearths a masterpiece which must be heard to be believed. Massive hooks , World-class musicianship and a top-notch production makes this cd an essential addition to your AOR collection. This release could definitely be a contender for album of the year and comes highly recommended to fans of Journey , Styx , Survivor , Alliance , Toto and Franke & the Knockouts and of course Mark Free. Arrival has also dug out more original copies of their highly acclaimed 1999 release "Delayed" which will also be for sale exclusively through Retrospect Records.



PRETTY BOY "The Metro Sessions" - For the first time ever on cd , here is another fantastic slice of 80s AOR / Melodic Hard Rock / Hair Metal from Retrospect Records. If you are familiar with the three highly-touted releases by the band MARIAH then you'll know that Pretty Boy was the moniker they used back in the late 80s before changing their name to Mariah. Here we have the unmistakable vocal pipes of Dennis Lind , the tasty guitar work of Tim Compton (ex-Lynn Allen) , and drummer Curt Bearden who are joined on this release by brothers John and Bill Brown on bass and keys respectively. These recordings are the songs that prompted JON BON JOVI himself to start working with the band...and it's not hard to see why. These sessions sound like they could have come directly off of Slippery When Wet or 7800 Fahrenheit. Hit after hit , huge production and vocal harmonies galore. Some may say these recordings were actually better than the Mariah material. Easily one of the best 80s melodic albums you've never heard , and now you have the opportunity. Truly amazing stuff!





D.C. LACROIX "Livin By the Sword" + "Crack of Doom" - In the late 80s this female-fronted Hard Rock act rocked the world with two albums that have never seen the light of day on cd , until now. Featuring blistering axework and the unique vocals of Sylvie Lacroix makes this release a nice acquisition for fans and collectors of 80s Hard Rock.





REAL STEEL "Real Steel" - Again , for the first time ever on cd Retrospect unleashes another killer slice of 80s Melodic Metal / Hard Rock. Just when you think you've heard it all , Real Steel fires on all six with their hi-octane brand of Hard Rock. Imagine the melodic metal of bands like Dokken , Scorpions , WASP and Accept meets the pure Hard Rock of Cinderella , Quiet Riot and AC/DC and you have the majesty of REAL STEEL. No 80s Metal fan should be without this ass-kicking release. Real Steel will be performing at Rocklahoma this year. ESSENTIAL!





LETCHEN GREY "Party Politics" - Originally released on LP and cassette only back in 1986 , Letchen Grey finally sees a cd release of this collectible EP. Quite a gem , with some infectious hooks and smoking guitar work , this sunset strip act could strut their stuff with the best of em. Highly recommended to fans of: Dokken , Vyper , Metalwolf , Tuff Luck , Motley Crue etc..





MATRIX "Matrix" - Hailing from the Chicago area , Matrix recorded quite a few demos back in the early 90s that never saw a cd release before now. This is quality progressive metal with a vocalist in Terry Higgins that showcases his impressive range , not to mention the shredding lead guitar work from Alby Odum. Similar to bands like Fates Warning , Watchtower , Queensryche and Manilla Road.





MALICE "The Rare and Unreleased" - 80s Metal legends Malice raided their vaults and found no less than 18 rare demos and previously unreleased tracks for this comprehensive collection. Malice released two super full-length albums of melodic metal titled "License to Kill" and "In the Beginning" which saw much success in the mid to late 80s. Now you can complete your Malice collection.





TOMMY HAD A VISION "Scarred for Life" - Salt Lake City-based cohorts T.H.V. unleash their third album through Retrospect Records and it's quite a corker! Produced by Mark Kendall of Great White , THV serve up a healthy dose of true 80s-style Hard Rock similar to bands like Motley Crue , Great White , Dokken and Ratt. Excellent release from a real up-n-comer who also happens to be one of the headliners on the Retrospect stage at Rocklahoma this year.


Retrospect Records is set to release another 40 to 50 albums this year including some heavyweight AOR gems so keep an eye on this website as well as www.retrospectrecords.com for more details!!


See you at Rocklahoma!

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The Arrival fell through the letterbox the other day....awesome...Sam has done an excellent job on this release (as usual).

I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for a cheap copy of Delayed I think.

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    • The fundamental difference is that the mainstream media is now portraying the Chinese COVID protestors as glorious freedom fighters standing up for their inalienable human rights, where protesters in the U.S. and Canada were portrayed as terrorists, insurrectionists, and right-wing nazis by the very same mainstream media. Fuckers. I guess the current administration(s) have exhausted the money pit being diverted to Ukraine with respect to public approval, so now time to ratchet up somewhere else to send gobs of taxpayer money so that billions can be funneled back to the DNC via crypto...
    • Agree! There was a time back 5 or 6 years ago when I'd get into these project type things....Defiants, Nordic Union, etc.  And I'm sure I'll still enjoy new Defiants music when it drops. But I'm definitely saturated on these things and I'm basically to the point where I'm paying very little attention to them.  I'd rather invest my time into "real" bands that I might actually get the chance to see live someday. Like you say, I'll still sometimes check out these things and maybe I toss a song into my playlist here or there.  But odds I actually purchase an album from one of these new projects is very low.  
    • This seems like something that would be massively exciting maybe five or six years ago but now, not so much. I'm just so bored with the Frontiers factory churning out studio project after studio project with the same songwriters, the same production, and random hodgepodges of vocalists...year after year after year. I'm just not interested in this stuff anymore, I'll listen but the odds that I'll come back to it (let alone buy the album) are low. Those songs are mediocre. They're not ADV's worst but they are not his best either. IMO Robbie steals the show in both of them. Why is ADV still doing backing vocals for a project created specifically for THREE vocalists?  P.S. that band name SUCKS lol
    • New single 'April Rain' from the album 'Naked Soul'. And ADV ruining everything... From Frontiers: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce T3nors, a very special new AOR project. Two of America’s greatest AOR singers, Robbie LaBlanc and Toby Hitchock join forces with one of Sweden’s finest AOR singers, Kent Hilli to form the vocali trio of T3nors. These absolutely outstanding vocalists have come together on one glorious melodic rock album, "Naked Soul", which will be released on February 10, 2023.  The story behind this record actually dates back quite a few years as Frontiers has been wanting to do a “three tenors” type of record for quite some time. Given the extremely high level of AOR vocal talent that the label has worked with in the past and continues to work with today, the idea never really lost steam. The issue was always finding the right pairing of three singers and the timing for the individual singers to have holes in their schedule to record. With the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, everyone's availability, for better or for worse, became more flexible and the idea started to become reality.  Pairing Robbie, Toby, and Kent together seemed an ideal team up and all three were enthusiastic about the idea when approached to participate. The rest, as they say, is history. Kent Hilli is the newest of the three singers on the scene, but has quickly made an impact with the albums he has released with his main band Perfect Plan, as well as being the new frontman for GIANT, solo material, and guest appearances with Restless Spirits, the melodic rock project from Lords Of Black guitarist Tony Hernando.  Toby Hitchcock is an American singer known for his solo albums as well as his work with the esteemed melodic rock genius Jim Peterik in Pride Of Lions. Robbie LaBlanc is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter known for his work with Blanc Faces, Find Me, a project with The Murder Of My Sweet drummer/producer Daniel Flores, East Temple Avenue, and more.  If you are a lover of all things AOR, then T3nors' debut album, "Naked Soul" is a can't miss release!   Tracklisting:1. April Rain2. Naked Soul3. Nights4. Time Is Coming5. Silent Cries6. Torn7. I Could8. Mother Love9. Set Fire To The Rain10. Stand For Love11. Strength To Carry OnLine-Up:Robbie LaBlanc - vocalsToby Hitchcock - vocalsKent Hilli - vocalsAlessandro Del Vecchio - bass, additional keyboards, guitars, and backing vocalsFrancesco Savino - guitarsJacopo Martignoni - drums          
    • Very sad news. She had a lovely voice. I absolutely love both 'Rumours' and 'Tango In The Night'...both part of my musical journey. 
    • Superb album...one of the best pure Westcoast releases this year. Love the Chaka Khan cover of 'Ain't Nobody' as well. Great stuff
    • Not perfect by a long way, but the album a hell of a lot better than some in the other stuff Frontiers put out on a regular basis
    • Very nice...Move out of the way ADV, Dennis is back .....very solid band with The Greatest Wonder especially being absolutely fabulous. Looking forward to this one a lot
    • I I know I'm way behind the 8 ball here as I had never paid attention to these guys either but just clicked on the Daylight video myself and dug it.  Found my way to this thread and digging some of these other tunes too.  I think the different kind of sound is appealing to me a bit at the moment.  It's almost like if Axel Rose were fronting Tora Tora or something.   Gonna have to give the album a listen to see if it sticks but initially Daylight, Wall Said To Call and Feel Alright are sounding interesting to me from just watching the videos above.  Will have to check the album out. 
    • I used to love this band so much on their first 3 albums. Who could have guessed it would end up with this complete shit show. Bands should NOT air their dirty laundry in public
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