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The voice of an angel?


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Now I'm not scared of you guys anymore :P so I'm gonna do it the Geoff way: reveal my sensitive (read feminine) side. There haven't been many artists that has managed to do what Eva has done/is doing. Her voice is somewhat spectacular and the only voice that I can think of who brings a tear in this old cynic eyes.

Her voice just oozes passion that go straight for the jugular. Many moons ago this gig called "Live at Blues Alley" came on the national TV and boy did I shed a tear that night :crying: That was the first time I've heard of a lady called Eva Cassidy.


Those of you who don't know the story, she died within the same year of that gig (1996). She had terminal cancer. Even to the gig she walked with a cane 'cause of a mystery illness in her hip. Couple of months later she found out. Cancer. :(

She never released recorded music in her lifetime. Labels thought she was difficult to categorize so she never reach stardom before passing away. All music was released after her death and I tell you that if she still would be walking this sad earth, she'd be a Goddess :bowdown: (to me at least!)

Well she's still the Goddess.

Read the whole thing here:



Check out these videos from youtube:


Autumn Leaves


People Get Ready


Wade In The Water


Fields Of Gold


Time After Time


I dare you to check out the rest of the music on youtube.

Whatever the musicstyle she sings - rock, blues, jazz, gospel, pop - the voice is there. And to me she even outshines the originals. I guess this kind of person comes once in a lifetime. It's heartbreaking to know the fact that she never experienced the satisfaction of touching souls of human beings...

That's why I think she really is the voice of an angel.... :angel: Respect.





Enough of that. Where's the booze and the chicks?! :banger:

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Her version of "Fields of Gold" is amazing.


I probably wouldn't have kicked her out of bed either....

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Nice voice indeed. My Missus has a couple of her albums and they are very pleasant to listen to.

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a friend let me borrow "Live at Blues Alley" and all I can say is Damn..

Her Voice is truely one of the best ever...she has/had such depth,soul, emotion,

controll and phrasing that words really don't describe it...what a huge loss...

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Wow that is quite a voice! Pity she passed before her time. Another voice of an angel I think is Karen Carpenter.

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