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Dear friends,


We are very happy to announce that our new album "Devotion" will be released on 12th October.

You can get your copy exclusively at http://www.musicbuymail.eu


"Devotion" features 13 brand new songs plus "Farewell (To The Champion)" written for Thomas "Icke" Hässler, which was only available on MTM's Vol. 10 Sampler


Here's the final tracklist:


01. Eternal Life 04:06

02. Things Like That 03:46

03. Music 04:51

04. U Feel 03:33

05. The Rain 04:27

06. Ocean 03:58

07. Castaway 03:28

08. Again 03:41

09. Hunting High and Low 04:17

10. Fading Memory 03:33

11. New Attraction 04:32

12. Anybody Out There? 03:47

13. I Wanna Live 04:29

14. Farewell (To The Champion) 03:34 *Bonus Track

Total running time: 56:25 min


You are welcome to listen to the first mp3 soundsamples on http://www.shylockmusic.de


So far, we hope you enjoy the songs & take care,


Schenky, Achim, Oli, Steven and Hannes

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Excellent, cannot wait for this. Hopefully it's as good as their last one... continuing in that melodic route - damn that was a great disc. I really hope this one matches it. Looking forward to it.

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Loved their last 2 cds and can hardly wait for the new one.... :drink:

FYI, they actually have 3 previous releases, and this will be their 4th. I believe their first one is very hard to find... and it ain't that great, except for one great song. I forget the name of it off the top of my head, but the album is self titled. 'Pyronized' is a great place to start your Shylock collection, imo.

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So has anyone heard this yet? I just had it spinning and it's another great one. Probably not quite as good as the excellent 'Welcome to illusion', but very close. A massively tight production job assists some great tunes here.


'Things like that', 'U feel' and 'Again' instantly struck me in the balls and are immediate faves. But most these songs are great. There's a couple of filler-type tracks amongst the 14 (eg. 'Music'), but generally this is really great. Even better than Jaded Heart's newie, I dare say.

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Still a good disc, but just a useless bit of random info I noticed this morning in the booklet. Anyone notice (or care) that the guitarist writes all the lyrics and the vocalist writes all the music, bar 2 songs where he writes both. I can't recall if I've ever seen an arrangement like that.

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