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You can tell Tim is Back!


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Has anyone else noticed the increased volume of new titles being added to the site data base recently?


Our friend Tim has been like a busy beaver or a well oiled machine adding to the data base almost on a daily basis.


Let me say right now that Whiplash & Espo have done a great job themselves, but Tim is a man on a mission..........


Thanks for the hard work all of you guys!!! It is thankless behind the scenes work that most never notice.


oh........I almost forgot.......Pete (Blue Charvel) has been working hard behind the scenes as well......thanks to all of you.

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Yeah, there's heaps of new ones up there... too many more I want. :) Good work Tim and the rest of the mob. Love your work.

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What am I, chopped liver? ;):lol:


Actually for the last few weeks, Mike and I have been splitting the CD submission duty. I'm doing all of the contest submissions, and Mike has been taking care of the rest (I don't think Pete or Tim have been processing any lately, but I could be wrong).


My apologies if there appears to be a bit of a delay in the contest entries being processed. Like an idiot, I'm running this contest during the months that I'm the busiest at my day job... having to work lots of unpaid overtime (UGH).



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