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Two more signings today for Retrospect

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:banger::banger::banger: With Ron Keel on board we have been on FIRE this week signing some awesome talent.


Firstly we have OHIO-based AORsters The Affair. This is Toto meets Dare meets Dreamstreet inspired Melodic Rock that will appease the AOR fans need for killer 80s Rock. The Affair released an album back in 1996 and this will be re-issued with FIVE unbelievable bonus tracks from 1984. You're gonna love this release!


and finally , this will cause some controversy , the signing of Detroit's very own HEAVEN'S WISH.


You read it right , HEAVEN'S WISH is now going to be released by Retrospect Records. (and yes...it will be silver-pressed....)


Since I am not allowed to talk about the circumstances surrounding this issue on THIS public forum , I'll let you decide what happened....


I am very excited to work with Heaven's Wish and they were also excited to work with a label that already has 6 other Detroit bands on the label.


That's all I can say at this point.




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Hi all,


I'm sure Dan wont mind my right of reply if it doesn't turn into another bitch fight.


Basically as you all know by Retrospect Records have announced (via this message board) they have signed Heaven's Wish which were once signed to us (Suncity Records). Now before Sam tries and make out that Heaven's Wish fell out with Suncity Records for any number of reasons I am going to give you all the true story.


Suncity Records signed Heaven's Wish about a year ago and as time went on, things didn't add up, it turned out that Heaven's Wish didn't own the rights to any of their material. Back in the early 90's, Heaven's Wish signed over the rights to Universal Records for all their material including the un-released tunes that didn't make their first self-titled album (which is what we wanted to release). I got a few emails and a phone call from an affiliate of Universal Records and he told me that they still owned all the rights for the Heaven's Wish material and if we did anything with them we would find ourselves in court which is something that we really didn't want. Months on and numerous phone calls and emails later, we basically exhausted every avenue to release the Heaven's Wish material but it was just gonna cost us too much money and it wouldn't have been worth it.


The reason nothing more was said of it on the website was because I always had what turned out to be unrealistic hopes that we could make it happen. Some things just aren't meant to be.


[Paragraph deleted. -Dan]


P.S. This is not going to turn into a fight, Sam and I will do the squabbling via email.


Thanks for your time.

Kind regards


Suncity Records

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Dan , if you could move David's post to HIS side of the forum I would appreciate that.


The bottom line is Ron was sick of waiting for David to re-issue their material. Maybe what David is saying is true - maybe it isn't (I have my thoughts) but when you sign a band in DECEMBER OF 2005 and here it is May of 2007 and still no product has been released then the band is not going to be very happy. I was happy to pick up the dropped ball and run with it.

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No, this time I'm going to make a one-time exception and let things stand on both sides, provided it goes no further. Sam made an implication. Dave responded with an explanation. That's all that needs to be said. Readers can draw their own conclusions from here on out.


This does NOT need to escalate further. Have a nice day.



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Sam- Congrats on the 2 signings. I always wanted to get the Heaven's Wish tunes but could never find any. Oh well, now I can.


David- Sorry for the loss of Heaven's Wish. That sucks when the big boys want to play hardball yet have NO intention of releasing the material.


As Forrest Gump once said: "That's all I got to say about that."

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