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Hellbilly 82 bootlegged my review!

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OK, I admit my curiosity is piqued. A seller on eBay, Hellbilly82, is selling an Anxiety: "If I Were" CD and he "borrowed," word for word, my review of the CD from the Comments section of this site to use in his auction description. Here's a link to my review (I'm M. Allen, BTW)...


Anxiety Review....


...and here's a link to the auction:


Anxiety eBay auction


I'm not really mad--imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? RIGHT??--but I am curious to know who bootlegged my review. It's obvious someone familiar with this site...anybody know who it is? Anybody want to 'fess up? :P Enquiring--and curious--minds want to know.

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:lol: You're famous mate. :) I'd love it if someone did that to one of my reviews.

I'm currently working with my lawyer to see if there's any way I can sue him and make some money. I'm not proud. I've got mortgage payments to make. :lol:

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I had someone put my review of Razzle - New Vibe Revolution word for word on their ebay auction and even cited the review as coming from Heavy Harmonies. Funny thing is I ended up winning the CD for REALLY cheap from that guys auction :P I wonder if he noticed that my HH name and Ebay ID were almost identical.

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