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Bon Jovi-This left feels right

Captain Howdy

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Ok so anyone else bought this one yet?

I'd heard snippets of it already so I knew what to expect but I had to buy it anyway as I'm a completist!


Gotta say although its not a great album its ok,but its definetley as aquired taste.

Dunno if the US version will have these but there are two bonus live tracks on the UK version (The Distance & Joey) plus a bonus DVD with 6 tracks on it (havent watched it yet so I'll post comments on it when I have).


There are some songs that actually work quite well in the format they've chosen here but some just do not work in my opinion!

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I have mixed feelings about this album. Some songs are OK but others are really atrocious (You Give Love A Bad Name, Bad Medicine). Besides I don't know what was the point of releasing some of the tracks since there were already acoustic versions of them (Bed Of Roses, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Born To Be My Baby, Prayer '94), far superior than the ones included in the album.

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The problem with the album is it started out with good intentions, then kind of mutated into a mess.

Initially the idea was that the record label wanted a compilation album of some sort, and Jon felt that they could have done what everyone was doing, and release a best of with a couple of new tracks on it, but as they had already done that with Crossroad, he thought that an acoustic album of some of their biggest hits would be a better idea.

Now, if they had stuck with that concept, it might have been a really good album, but after they started working on the album, they started to change their minds, and rather than do an acoustic album, they decided to go with different arangements and such, and this is the album we ended up with.

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Guest JonniJigolo

The only track I don't mind is ''It's My Life'', as the ballad approach seems to show another element to the song (as it's supposed to). The other tracks just sound bad...not very good overall. Surprising though, as I used to play this quite a lot when I first got it.

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