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luck313 (rob437@verizon.net)


Ok now this seller isnt the typical bad seller you hear about. Instead this guy is shady by offering you something but not telling you exactly which version you're buying, and he does it deliberately.


I'll try to make this short.


A while back he wanted to buy my own bands demo tapes (Mommy Dearest, and Rain), and told me he was one of the biggest tape collectors in the world in the Hard Rock and Metal genre. Ok cool, I explain I dont have any extra for sale, and he starts sending me emails of pictures of his tapes to show me how big a collector he is. Anyways, one of the tapes really caught my eye, and I was REALLY interested in buying it. The tape was...




So I never mentioned it really or said anything, he knew I was a Rob Rock fanatic and offered me a couple items which I passed on.


So an auction went up recently for 76 rare tapes, and we were both bidding on them. He asked me if I would stop bidding, and he'd sell me the Vice tape out of the lot for ex amount of dollars. I had mentioned that if he wanted the lot bad enough, and needed extra money I would buy his Ivory Tower tape he showed me for 55.00 to help him pay for the lot.


He agrees, and Im happy as shit. I pay immediately with paypal, and wait a week and no product. Finally today he emails me asking me if I wanna buy an Ivory Tower promo pic as well for 12 bucks. I mention about my tapes, and he says he mailed them to 823 etc etc lane, rather than 223 etc etc lane. Ok no problem, so I send the 12 bucks for the pic, and then say he by any chance you have a pic of it?


So he sends me a pic, and I notice theres another Ivory Tower tape more generic looking than the one I agreed to buy. Almost instantly I got a lump in my stomach, and thought OMG I bet hes gonna pawn off this tape to me instead of the one we agreed upon! (after all his ebay auction never had a pic just a description).


Sure enough I email him all worried, and yep he conned me. Im getting this version instead. 55.00 I paid to help HIM and this is the thanks I get.


Folks seriously be careful of all the scumbags out there, that dont give a fuck about anyone other than there greedy selfish selves. Im so sick of this shit Im about to say fuck everyone, and just not deal with anyone with this shit anymore. Its a shame so many people wanna fuck others over, instead of all sticking together with this rare music we all love and enjoy.


NEVER buy an auction based off a description. ALWAYS get a picture, you may win a demo but whos to say its the actual one you want? Live and learn I guess.


Oh and heres what Im getting instead......pissed off is an understatement.




For the record I dont have ANYTHING yet. I sent him a unpleasant email saying this is the last time I ever want to deal with him again, so Lord knows if he'll even mail me THIS stuff.

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I never had any problems with him before. Seems a few others around here have. Last time people felt they got ripped by him they posted here and he tried to defend himself. Can't say he did too well, but he did show. Maybe if you raise enough hell he'll send what he originally stated. Sellers can't take the bad press.

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I never had any problems with him before. Seems a few others around here have. Last time people felt they got ripped by him they posted here and he tried to defend himself. Can't say he did too well, but he did show. Maybe if you raise enough hell he'll send what he originally stated. Sellers can't take the bad press.


I dont think hes a flat out rip off artist. I have done a perfect transaction with him in the past. The problem is he gets very shady when offering you stuff outside of ebay, and stuff that he doesnt provide a picture of.


We've been emailing back and forth all night and hes been trying to justify himself. I just told him to mail me my items and to go our seperate ways.


If he was the stand up guy he says he is, he would refund me the money for the tape and resell it to another individual. Its times like these a seller can show his true colors. Wanna be a stand up guy, refund me 55.00 for the tape, otherwise dont justify how you can send me a different tape than the one we agreed upon prior.


His other option would be to sell me the tape of the picture he originally sent.


Like I said buyer beware. If its happened to me and others as you state, its bound to happen again.

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UPDATE : He says he will refund my money for the Ivory Tower tape in 5 or 6 days.


If he does this, than I will delete this thread and consider him honest. Time will tell if hes sincere or not. I really hope he is. I hate having to make posts like this.

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Fuck him mate , raise a Paypal claim against him immediately if the allowed time has not expired.

Will the 5 or 6 days push it past the allowed time to raise a Paypal claim????????? He sounds like a coniving prick to me on a rip off mission <_<

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Is This Where He Comes Back Here And Types Like This And Can't Figure Out If He's Chris Or Rob Like Last Time? :crazy:

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Is This Where He Comes Back Here And Types Like This And Can't Figure Out If He's Chris Or Rob Like Last Time? :crazy:


:lol: Oh God......I Thought That Name Sounded Familiar...... :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I get a kick out of this guy actually. I once outbid him in a couple auctions and he got all pissy with me. He then told me the seller had a couple extra so he bought them anyway, of course the seller said he didnt know what he was talking about.


Then not long ago he sent me an email wanting something from me. He asked what my wants were, and I told him Tora Tora's unreleased and a couple others. So he emails me a list of the Tora Tora stuff he has and asks how much I'd be willing to pay for it...but I said I wasn't interested because he didnt have the UNRELEASED album, I have all the rest. Then he got mad and asked why I wasted his time, even though it was him that emailed me!!!


So now I don't have much to do with him, and actually enjoy outbiding him!

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Final verdict is in!!! BAD TRADER & SELLER!!!!


The thing was for a while he actually played it off as if he was legimately concerned about how upset I was about the wrong Ivory Tower tape.


First he promised to refund me half of what I payed for the Ivory Tower tape, and I thought that was fair. Then he ditched that idea and said he was gonna send me "Star Collector" demo tape for free for all my hassles. Ok Im a reasonable guy, that works too.


Well today I get the mail and after a week and a half of waiting for my items they came. What did I get? The Ivory Tower tape I DIDN'T want, and my Stalker tape I DID want.


No "Star Collector" demo tape was in my package. He hasnt refunded me half of the Ivory Tower tape.


Verdict is that this guy is to be avoided at all costs. I've never met such a bullshitter in all my life. Very UNHAPPY with all of this.


If you decide to deal with him in the future, you have been warned here.


Rob if you're reading this and I know you are. Thanks for the empty promises.

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Well a surprise twist has come out of this.


Luck313 has shown that he truly did care about his trading habits.


After a few emails he kindly sent me 3 free tapes to make up for everything.


Kudos for not turning into one of those scumbags who doesnt care.


Thanks Rob! Really appreciate it!

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Rob was a good customer for me over the summer, but the last 2 transactions I had with him were the biggest headache I have ever had on ebay with a buyer.


This assclown lied to me numerous times about following through with payment, illegally retracted his bids on my auctions, then left me a retaliatory neg claiming "false description" when he changed his mind about purchasing the demo he won. Paid seven other sellers whose auctions ended after mine did then when I asked him why he was not paying me first he said "I wanted the other ones more".


I have heard plenty of other horror stories from other ebayers who have had bad experiences with him as well - my advice would be to proceed with caution because he could do you like he did me...bid your auction up then decide he doesn't want it after he wins.


Suppose I could hope he changes his mind again...maybe the new mind will work better! Or better yet, maybe "Chris" has finally recovered from his horrible accident & will step in and make things right...


- M

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  • 1 month later...

This guy is a rat...a liar and a bloody thief ..takes hard earned cash that ppl work for and pais off his ebay thru the money he steals off ppl like my self...


i did buy some tapes of him b4 and with out a hitch..but the last few transactions i did they became slower and then he just stopped sending my tapes full stop....


the last 2 tapes i bought of him which i still not yet recieved and its over 6 weeks now..was a chastity tape and some other tape ..can't remember now..been that darn long...i emailed him saying i want them sent registerd mail..he said no worries..so i sent the cash over...the next day i emailed him and asked if he had sent the tapes off yet...he replied no..he had a late night..(i respected that..being a saturday night)....so when monday came around i asked if he had sent them..got an email sent to me saying..NO i had a eye doctors surgery..(i'm thinking shit im getting dupped here)..he will send them tomorow....so emails me saying the tapes were sent...so i replied back may i have the tracking number as i paid for registered air...(well this fruitcake replied that he did send them registered as he said that registered takes too long to reach..and at this point i was really pissed off...so anyway i decided to leave it for a few weeks as it might turn up...but to no avail so i was at work the next day and i asked my misses if she could send an email regarding the circumstances in regards to the tapes...were we in for a shock..we got the most horrible email...full of swearing every swaer word in the english dictionary was in it...not to mention that he said some horrible things to my misses...and she was only doing me a favour ...as i was at work...so i sent that little piece off shit a few words of my own...


so anyway about 3 weeks later i get an email with a tracking number (LOL)...so i emailed him and asked what company does the tracking..he replies POST OFFICE AIR...that was the reply ( i have been buying from the states for years and i never heard of post office air)..i even checked on the internet but no luck...so i emailed him back saying no damn such thing as post office air...and his reply was ..that it was another buyers tracking number...(i'm thinkin' to my self..this bloke has to be dickhead of the year)..and sends me a scan of the recipet which was as blurry as can get out..and what was missing...no dates on the reciept that part of the reciept was not scanned...iy was probably a k-mart docket...any way he has givin me anotherr tracking number and while that one does show up on USPS...it most likely some one elses..as it does not say country of destination..and bugger all has shown up...


any way im up to the point with now with recouping my losses and filed a dispute case with paypal....and i will never deal with this low life again..i have learnt my lesson well and truly....other buyers beware..this guy will rip U 2..

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Yeah... I had problems with this guy too. Excuses on why he hasn't paid yet. Then emails you everyday asking why he hasn't received them yet. I'm talking 2 days after payment! I wouldn't deal with him again.

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    • Sainted Sinners - On and On  
    • I try to give albums a proper go before I write them off. Closest I would say would be cats In Space Atlantis. Narnia was SO good that my expectations were extremely high and the album was average on first couple of listens. I let it go for a few months, then came back to it with anopen mind and loved it. Otherwise I can probably pick songs. God Of Thunder I didn't like for many many years and eventually it grew on me.  
    • I left this comment on the promo for "Flames," and I feel like it applies to every song I've heard from this project so far, too:  "Great song, great singer, but I feel like the compression of the production takes away from the quality of the songwriting and puts a damper on Ken's playing."
    • Vain, yes it's one band i never really got into it. Just last week I spent about 30 mins listening to their most popular songs, I dont know what it is but the songs dont do much for me. But i do like one of their songs a lot 'No tears for you', and Whisper is pretty good too. And a few I do like to some degree, that's about it. 
    • Listening to it now (I know I'm late)... Some starter notes, that have no doubt been mentioned here already, but I didn't read through the whole thread: -Production is overdone. I don't know why, when Tobias Lindell had done such a masterful job mixing their last few records, he would do this?  -I've always liked H.E.A.T better with Kenny than with Erik. Not because I think Kenny is a better singer by any stretch (though I do think Kenny's voice is underrated when comparisons of the two inevitably arise), but for the same reason I prefer Danger Danger with Ted Poley to Paul Laine. Kenny's voice is, to me, part of the sound of H.E.A.T and I felt like it was missing the longer Erik was the vocalist with the band, even though 3/4 of the records they did with him were phenomenal. -For the first time, I feel like H.E.A.T doesn't know where they're going. On previous records, there was a distinct direction they were clearly striving for -- the original self-titled album and Freedom Rock were clearly products of their influences and the albums that followed with Erik Gronwall showed the growth and maturity of their playing, songwriting and the budding production skills of Jonah Tee. But I can't figure out if Force Majeure is meant to be a step forward or a step back. I wouldn't go so far as to say that any of the songs are bad, but there's not a single banger present here, as far as I'm concerned, which I was not expecting. -I also feel like this is the first time you can really hear Eric Rivers's absence since he left the band after Tearing Down the Walls. Into the Great Unknown being an anomaly altogether guitar wise and H.E.A.T II being a phenomenal return to the stage for Dave Dalone, Force Majeure is the first time I've really thought to myself, "Man, there could really be another guitar track here," which might be why they felt the need to compensate with the over-the-top production?   All in all, is it bad? No, I wouldn't go that far. But as far as H.E.A.T albums go, it falls extremely short of the ridiculously high standard they've set for themselves over the course of their career.   But hey, it's better than Into the Great Unknown.
    • Yeah, a few times. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to all the hype. 
    • Ok the title was clickbait, first dislike and then later like would be more accurate but hey, you clicked on the topic, so it worked! 😬
    • As a few others mentioned, musically it isn't too far off from their early material, but the song itself doesn't do much for me unfortunately.   In watching the video it looks like they've got a new drummer.
    • White Lion's Big Game was a massive letdown after Pride but over the years it's grown on me. Cinderella's Heartbreak Station was always way too bluesy and too far removed from the debut but again the quality of the songs sunk in after about 15 years. Spread Eagle's Open To The Public was a bit of a letdown compared to the debut but there's enough strong stuff on it once it gets under your skin to enjoy it. Whitesnake's Slip of the Tongue was another real letdown post 1987. Vai didn't do the songs any favours but again there's a pretty good collection of songs once I got over my disappointment. Anything by Harem Scarem after the debut. Still there best for me by a long shot but heaps of solid albums in the mix. Shotgun Messiahs 3rd industrial album. On first listen wtf but songs are fkn awesome. Same goes with  Wasp's KFD.
    • I've mentioned it before, but I wasn't in love with either Roxx Gang's 'Things you've never done before' or Vain's 'No Respect' when I first heard them. That was in the early stages, though. Vain's in one of my top 10 albums and I love the Roxx Gang one too, so things certainly changed.  Neither are exactly my favourite albums ever, but Cinderella's 'Heartbreak station' and Warrant's 'Ultraphobic' both took a long while for me to come around on. I actually returned the Cinderella CD when I bought that one, and only re-purchased it second hand many years later. Still don't love it, but dislike it less, lol.  To answer Karpetface's question, not to the degree of hatred, but back in the day when all I ever had were CDs and cassettes and once they were bought they were bought, I tended to give everything a lot more chances than I would today, where music consumption is the polar opposite. When I only had dozens, or up until it was a couple of hundred albums... the time to give something a chance again seemed to come around a lot more often than these days, when there's a million songs to choose from all the time. 
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