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Before anyone starts speculating or making silly assumptions I want to make extremely clear why Mariah is no longer on the website.


When I signed Mariah 8 months ago I had no idea what can of worms I was about to open. An amazing band that left behind so much great music , but also harbored alot of resentment towards each other. Jimmy DiLella , Tim Compton , Johnny Dee and David Livingstone were all aware of these releases and have been paid. Dennis Lind and the original drummer Curt for whatever reason were not found and/or contacted (Jimmy's decision not mine).


Therefore until contractual obligations are re-negotiated I have removed Mariah from the website until Dennis and Curt and the rest of the guys come to an agreement.


Mariah '3' has been put on hold until these contracts and personal differences have been sorted out.


Dennis has been great to deal with and I've let him know how much his music and his voice are appreciated within the AOR / Melodic Rock community. I hope you all agree.


He has informed me that there is much more unreleased Mariah material as well as a lot of songs he'd like to put together for a solo album (I've heard one song and it's just as killer as the Mariah stuff)


I have not been crucified by any members of Mariah and I shouldn't be by anyone here. I had permission from 4/5 ths of the band and I am doing the RIGHT thing by completing the puzzle.


Mariah has been the biggest selling band on Retrospect Records and I plan on keeping it that way.


Thanks for your support and let's hope we can keep Mariah together as a cohesive productive unit!



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Ok quick update , I just got off the phone with Dennis and it's all good including the release of Mariah '3'....


I guess I may have been too quick to explain what was essentially 'nothing'.


Anyhoo , if there are any Mariah fans who'd like to get in touch with Dennis , hear a new song , or give him some fan mail , don't hesitate to visit his site at www.dennislind.com


We are really excited about the prospects for Mariah in 2007 and we may even release a dvd , or do a few dates in Europe.


Thanks for listening to my ramblings....just trying to use the 'honesty is the best policy' theme....

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That is AWESOME news! Great band. I love both albums. Looking forward to new music.




You must be really excited about this news Chad, because you posted about twice. :P

I am multi-tasking!!! And excited too :banana::bananamac::banana::bananamac::banana:

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