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I thought this guy didn't sell boots?

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Actually, I remember seeing this when it came out, being sold by a couple of the regular AOR vendors. I have one, but I'm not sure if it's representative of the way it was released: front cover was color copied, tray card was legitimately printed, and the disc is pressed, not a CDR.


Not to step in the middle of an argument, but I also think there's a difference between reselling one that was received in a trade or purchase versus making and selling boots in quantity...



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Yeah I have the same version as Dan, I originally ordered it from a proper record shop a fair few years ago that advertised it in their catalogue as a forthcoming release. They never actually received any copies so I thought the release had simply been cancelled. I eventually got it thru the old eBay about 2 years ago...again it's a printed cover and tray and definitely a pressed CD.

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