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  1. Love Sells - Bang Gang
  2. Way Of The World - Stage Dolls.
  3. Help Is On Its Way - Little River Band.
  4. There is two pages that on Australia Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands on Facebook. I will start a thread and see if I can get any info.
  5. Girl Can't Help It - Journey
  6. Buddy Holly. The video was set in Al's from Happy Days , HHHeeeeyyyy !!!!
  7. Doggy


    I hope you not point your finger is a telepathic magician ?
  8. Girls, Girls, Girls - upcoming band Motley Crue
  9. Doggy


    The hearts that coming up reactions, a heart for like, laughing face for laughing champion cup for thanks. Finding out myself Thanks those that read by my bitching and setting me straight.
  10. Summer Girl - Radio Sun.
  11. Hot Summer Nights - Night
  12. Muscle In Motion - Treat
  13. While waiting for the new one, which is recorded. Vanishing Point - Distant Is The Sun.
  14. Doggy


    Thanks, maybe one day I would be able to you face to face about my problem.
  15. Doggy


    Thanks Geoff taking your time to answer my question. Just seems some members just have write a sentence they get heart. I can see member who leave hearts on other members post, but ones who doesn't have name to it. E.G your post on this subject. It really annoys me. You can deleted this thread if you want, Mr Heavy Harmonies.
  16. Doggy


    Would the person, who been given hearts to everything to people has to say? Might sound I am spoilt brat, I like know. Please me send me PM with who you are and why I not getting any.
  17. Sick Ta Death - Heart Throb Mob.
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