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  1. Most of our Airports are closed for planes coming in and out of Australia. A member on here just got his order from your country, it was sent 17th of August to get yesterday. Our mail service of up the creek without paddle. An example is my local cricket club sent me remind letter of the A.G. M . i only got a month after the meeting been and gone. The Cricket Club is in next suburb to mine. Our secretary prefer send letters, as few of members do not have the internet.
  2. That is problem with J B, I seem get same problem. I was buy my mother the Seekers DVD for mothers days, stop that laughing, after searching everywhere I called a friend who in charge the music stuff, we end finding it in the Metal section. Elizabeth St's store, was where everyone go to cause Paul Haug was in charge the Metal section, once he was move to Southland, their Metal section drop. Also head office does their ordering , that why we get one or two copies of bands like Gotthard and Frontiers' titles. Some don't get any, if you main act e.g. AC/DC you get plenty. Ano
  3. Even love the label, but Frontiers releasing new titles every month does burn a hole in pocket. As I wrote in my message I sent to you, Dan.
  4. Are we going see " Jump " on start every hour ?
  5. Angel Witch - Angel Witch
  6. It's going be haunting when Mike Brady be singing it in a empty at Melbourne Cricket Ground at Grand Final.
  7. Sat up last night 10/8/20 to watch MTV Classic tribute Eddie on Foxtel, they played " Hot For The Teacher " and " Why Can't This Be Love ", and that all.
  8. Poison Angel - Winger
  9. Looking forward to hearing and owning a physical copy, after this shit year we having.
  10. Poison - Alice Cooper
  11. Name Your Poison - Ted Nugent.
  12. Surprise the " Thunder In Your Heart " is not any of albums, best of and box set he release a couple years. It was only on this soundtrack, which not on the CD format.Some people might remember fronting Little River Band. P.S. He just announce another comeback tour.
  13. Nightmare Boggle - Snakepit Rebels
  14. Nightmares In the Daytime - D.A.D
  15. Young Alcoholic Pt 2 - Glorious Bankrobbers
  16. Valentine's Overture Pt 1 - Robby Valentine
  17. Z Overture - Enuff Z' Nuff
  18. Hendrix's Purple Haze, Who's My Generation, Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love
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