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  1. Amy Holland - On Your Every WordAlpha Centauri - S/TMessenger - Special DeliverySteve Camp - After God's Own HeartStormburst - Demo 2018
  2. Sounds good and nice to see more Flying V players.
  3. Belated Fappy Thanksgiving and Black Friday greetings! Haven't bought anything yet but I'll probably get some CD's.
  4. Really nice, chorus reminds a bit of Whiteheart's Hold On.
  5. Is Thomas Larsson playing lead guitar/solos on this album?
  6. Is that the fapping machine? Heard the new Bickler songs...... I just cannot fap to it. It's good but.. I'll try and fap tomorrow.
  7. Joe Lamente/Lamont, was the singer in Steeplechase - S/T (1981) and Shelter - First Stop (1983).
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