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What's Randomly spinnin' on your iPod/mp3 player

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Gonna see if I can get this started....just list the first 10 songs that come up on either your iPod or mp3 player when in random/shuffle.

This should be interesting


Trash Day - Weird Al Yankovic

Painkiller - Judas Priest

Tobacco Road - Every Mother's Nightmare

Cheap Trick - Wild Thing

Home Tonight - Firehouse

Genius in France - Weird Al

Only One - Shotgun Alli....awesome pete

Miss Mystery - Black n Blue...great song

Easier Said than Done - Keel

Love Don't Lie - House of Lords


There ya go mine should always be quite an ecletic mix, just turn it on random/shuffle and lets all see what comes up.

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Thanks for the props Chris, glad to see somebody's actually happy when SA comes up on the playlist... ;)


Mine's actually pretty cool:


Nature of the Beach - Black 'n' Blue

Underneath Your Pillow - It Bites

Brother to Brother - Kuni

The Story's the Same - House of Shakira

Keep on Running (For My Life) - The King's Machine

Keep Shining On - Vain

Real Solution #9 - White Zombie

We Got Tonight - Stars From Mars

Rip It Up - Saints and Sinners

Only Love - Forsale

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glad someone replied to this lol


Nature of the Beach......awesome summer song


Got the iPod on again right now testing out some new neck/headphones before I go into work tonight.


Gloria - Laura Branigan :anon:

Starcarr Lane - Alcatrazz

Heart-N-Soul - WildSide

Shake Our Sillies Out - Wiggles.............awesome rock on :banger::anon: ......don't ask.

Bring It Home - Poison

Wild Boys - Hardcore Superstar......kick ass song

Paint you a picture - Blackboard Jungle

Goin' Wild - Circus

Blackout in a Red Room - Love/Hate :banger: why can't he sound like this with Ratt.

Because of You - Nickelback

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Shake Our Sillies Out - Wiggles.............awesome rock on :banger::anon: ......don't ask.


:lol: Kids, it happens... ;)


Roll Me Over - Bang Tango

Come On - Lion

Behind Those Eyes - 3 Doors Down

Beginning 2 End - JSS

Hard Luck - Lillian Axe

Sherri - Billy Idol

IYDKMIGHTY (Gimme That) - Type O

Abailar To Mundo - Soul SirkUS

More Than Ever - Evergrey

Sorry - Buckcherry


Not bad for a Monday AM, gotta get down with some serious paperwork... :woot:

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Lets see what playing now shall we......


Only a Heartbeat Away - Pantera

Lips of an Angel - Hinder

Never Use Love - RATT

You Rub Me The Right Way - Funny Money

Glenn Hughes - Point of No Return

Looks Like Love - WildSide

A Rock N Roll Girl Like You - Wig Wam

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - Gotthard

Closer To My Heart - RATT

Talk Dirty To Me - Poison


great way to start out my morning, also found out this morning that one of my buddies at work did the lightshow for one of J-Train's shows and grew up with Mike Giggey and also grew up with CJ Snare from Firehouse. He's bringing me some pics soon and I'm burning him some awesome music right now.

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  • 2 months later...

Ace Of Spades - Motorhead

Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo - Laidlaw

Now - Miss Crazy

Strike Up The Band - Poison

Do I Have To Say The Words - Bryan Adams

No More Living On Lies - Wigwam

Mr. Rainmaker - Warrant

Feelin' Way Too Damn Good - Nickelback

Blind Man - Aerosmith

Valium - Marvelous 3

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Don't Believe Her - Scorpions

Hollywood (So Far, So Good) - Warrant

Paradise - Paradise

Tight Pants - Marchello

Street Lethal - Racer X

Baby Talk - Friction

Don't Care About Nothin' - Shotgun Messiah

Lad In Sin - Wildside

Gypsy (Black-N-Blue Valentine) - Dangerous Toys

Hair Of The Dog - Britny Fox

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Here is the 10 first songs which are spinnin on my USB mp3 key at work.


1 Romeo's Daughter 'I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night''

2 Pat Benatar 'Love Is A Battlefield'

3 Mr. Big 'Shadow' Navy Seal OST

4 Network 'Break Away'

5 Network 'Breakin' My Heart'

6 Night Ranger 'I Did It For Love'

7 The Storm 'Fight For The Right'

8 Loverboy 'This Could Be The Night'

9 Boulevard 'Where Is The Love'

10 Cindy Lauper 'True Color'




(Oh .... and this is my 1000th post on HH and I hope my english is in progress since my first post)

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On my mp3 Player I have it set to DJ which is basically random..

so here's the first ten songs...


1.The Old Oak-Mercyful Fate

2.She's the Woman-Van Halen Live at the Golden West Ballroom

3.Three Day Funk-Badlands

4.Sling Shot-Jeff Beck

5.Down Low-Eric Gales Band


7.N.I.B.-Ozzy Ozbourne Live

8.Reach For The Sky-Firehouse

9.Russian Winter-Krokus

10.Line of Death-Metal Church

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All Belongs To You - Waysted

Wounds - Masterplan

I'm A Warrior - Rob Rock

Face Down - Brainstorm

Stop The Hate - Lillian Axe

Night of Passion - The Poodles

Draw Me - Sonata Arctica

New Thing - Fuel

Wheels Of Fire - Judas Priest

I Want You - Saliva

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Last 10 (in order of most recently played)


Another Silent Night - Jesse Strange

Time In A Bottle - Danger Danger

Takin' Me Down - ZO2

Feel So Numb - Rob Zombie

Can I Sit Next To You Girl? - Candy Harlots

Wreck Me (Unmastered) - 1969

Young Turks - Rod Stewart

Can't Decide - Throwback Suburbia

Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp

Sally Danced - Babylon A.D.




(BTW, I like this thread even better than the last CD thread because not only do you get a wider variety of artist suggestions and better picture of someone's taste, but, it's a LOT more applicable for me because a majority of my listening now is via the iPod unless I'm listening to the disc to see what I want to put on said iPod.)

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Eight Lives Gone - Julliet

Road To Ruin - Cry Wolf

On The Road Again - Trixter

Fallin' Apart At The Seams - Cinderella

Wasteland - Poison

Gotta Face The Hangman - Poison

Lazy Days, Crazy Nights - Tesla

Train, Train - Warrant

Wild Wind Blows - Wild Frontier

Outlaw - Treat



'puter seems to be in a bit of a "commercial" mood today...heh heh

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Thanx guys for bringin' this thread back from the dead.......appreciate it.

Since I got my iPod back at work been burnin' it up all night long at work.


Right now at home got it playin as well......


Calm Before the Storm - Ron Keel

Where Are You Now - Roxus

F*cked Up - Big Cock

Number One Bad Boy - Poison.....wow I really got take that crap song out(what musicians there)

One Way to Rock - Pretty Maids........now thats better

Rush - Fly By Night

F*ck Like a Beast - W.A.S.P. man my iPod wants to join the F$ck Thread apparently :anon:

Under The Blade - Overkill good cover here as well

I'm The King - Black 'N Blue (Demos Remastered Anthology version)

Lay It Down - RATT Hell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult (Yeah I know its last 10, but hey I made the thread :P I can do what I want :drink: )


its pretty much a given I will hear Ratt, AC/DC, KIX or "Weird Al" sometime since I have their whole catalogs in my iPod right now. :banger:


Also if ya happen to see something ya haven't heard just shoot me a pm.


Later guys,


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Dark From The Dying - Masterplan

Candid - D.A.D.

Monster, Monster - Lordi

Going Home - Gregg Rolie

Moonlight - Gypsy Rose

We Are Not Seperate - Kamelot

All I Do - Eclipse

Can't Give You (Anything Better Than Love) - L.A. Guns

Nurse Rosetta - Alice Cooper

Frogs With Dirty Little Lips - Frank Zappa

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Kill My Rock 'n' Roll - Wigwam

Helpless - Firehouse

Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

Sick Little Twisted Mind - Danger Danger (Laine)

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Warrant

I've Got You - Sweet Cheater

Looks That Kill - Motley Crue

Blind Faith - Warrant

Son Of A Loaded Gun - Steelhouse Lane

Everyday - Def Leppard


(Does anyone else notice that sometimes the "Shuffler" of the "Shuffle Songs" mode doesn't shuffle that well? I mean, in a span of 6-10 songs, I've had repeats of two or three artists before. With a thousand songs and around 200 artists to choose from, you'd think that wouldn't happen that often, wouldn't you? I mean, I know random means random and it COULD happen, but, just seems less than likely, at least as often as it occurs.)

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I have 6489 songs right now on my Ipod and I will have a song play 2 days in a row...i have had 3 songs play off the same CD in a space of 10 songs....you can adjust the "shuffle" in Itunes so 2 songs never play in a row by the same artist

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I have 6489 songs right now on my Ipod and I will have a song play 2 days in a row...i have had 3 songs play off the same CD in a space of 10 songs....you can adjust the "shuffle" in Itunes so 2 songs never play in a row by the same artist


I never looked into that. I'll have to see what I can do. It's not a huge deal, just a quirk I thought would be more statistically improbable.


Thanks for the info! :drink:

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Penny & Me - Hanson

Looking For Some Strange - Jesse Strange

Midnight At The Lost And Found - Meatloaf

We Are The Champions - Queen

Crazy - Aerosmith

Electric Eye - Savatage

Coming Home - Tango Down

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad - Meatloaf

It's My Life - Jesse Strange

Pepper - Butthole Surfers


(Great "shuffle" again! :rolleyes: )

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Whisper 4:55 Jaded Heart

Face Like An Angel 4:34 Y&T

Emaheeval 4:25 Desperado

Morning Light 5:00 Lord Tracy

Paid My Dues 4:51 Jaded Heart

Without You 3:32 Sargant Fury

Domination 3:53 Robert Tepper

It's Getting Dangerous 5:30 Thin Lizzy

24/7 3:22 Stage Dolls

Eddie Goes Underground 4:14 Tony Carey


Nice Start to my day

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If I Die Tomorrow - Motley Crue

Shimmy Low - The Clarks

Love In An Elevator - Aerosmith

You're The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised - Warrant

Crazy Motorcycle - L.A. Guns

I Wish It Would Rain Down - Phil Collins

One Love - Sweet Cheater

Lovers On The Loose - Late Night Romeo

Stranger Than Love - Harem Scarem

Up Around The Bend - Hanoi Rocks

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My IPod is chock full with "Munich City Nights" compilations.


Random play:


Electric Fling - Rah Band

Unskinny Bop - Poison

She's riding the Rock Machine - Fancy

Your Love's for Sale - Espionage

Heartbreak City - Joe Lamont

Tommy, can't help it - Rio

Battles - Axe

Voyager - Gamma

All because of you - Dutch Diesel

Tobacco Road - Richie Lecea

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Tommy, can't help it - Rio


This song is awesome ! :bowdown:

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Then She Kissed Me 3:02 Kiss

I Will Carry On 4:55 Oliver Hartmann

Everybody Wants Her 4:30 Thunder

This Time Girl 4:18 Praying Mantis

Facedancer 4:09 Golden Earring

I Don't Believe In Love 4:23 Queensrÿche

Which Way Are We Running 3:47 Robert Tepper

Where Have The Angels Gone 4:44 Allen/Lande

Going Home 3:25 Abraxas Pool

King Of Spades (Live) 7:16 Dare




Some cool shit to start my day :P

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This a.m.


1)Moonshine-The Four Horsemen

2)Love Gun-KISS

3)Street Woman-Loudness

4)Golden Gates-Diamond Rexx


6)Way of The World-Cheap Trick

7)Someday She's Gonna Hit Back-Thin Lizzy

8)The Rover-Led Zeppelin

9)Don't Cry-Ted Nugent

10)Get Away-Loudness

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The Directors Cut w/ Commentary

Clay- Pretty Maids: Carpe Diem What a way to start off my day....God I Love this song....This song sets Pretty maids above PC69 in my book

U + Ur Hand- Pink: I'm Not Dead Just a great song....whooo I am on a roll, my favorite song on this disc...sounds a little like Benatar on the chorus too my ears, Butch Walker you are the man...everything you touch is gold

Rusted Love- Circle Of Soul: Hands Of Faith Not one of my faves off the disc....a good song reminds me of a harder Dan Reed

The Devil Made Me Do It - Golden Earring: Cut Everyone knows Twilight Zone but they have some other great songs too...this being one of my Faves

Tension - Armored Saint: Revelation Time to bang the head...pure metal with John Bush just singing his ass off,,,,what an awesome band

Take, Take Me Now - Warp Drive: Gimme Gimme Good song , catchy chorus not one of my faves though

Fade To Black- Kidd Glove: Kidd Glove I am always surprised at how poppy this is...almost a new wave flair to this whole cd....good song but not close to any of my favorite Sabu Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song- Thin Lizzy: Live And Dangerous This just kicks 6 kinds of ass ....great song great band...Best Live album of all time wOOt

Death Song- The Tribe Of Gypsies: Tribe Of Gypsies Forgot about this gem....just an excellent song...Roy Z is a guitar monster

If You See Kay- April Wine: Power Play Great tune....remember playing this ,we never could get the background vocals to sound this good ...but a great crowd/drunk tune

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